Cristina CFK cristina fernandez de kirchner stencil buenos aires street art
Political graffiti featuring Cristina Kirchner
Argentine president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is still to announce that she will be standing again in the national elections
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jaz ever poeta buenos aires street art
New mural by Ever, Jaz, Mart and Poeta
Argentine artists Ever, Jaz, Mart and Poeta have created a new mural in Palermo. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.
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buenos aires graffiti tour buenos aires ecologica Videla, Menem y Macri estencil © BA Street Art
Recycling the rubbish: political stencil
This is a political stencil of Jorge Rafael Videla, Carlos Menem and Mauricio Macri saying ‘Recycle the rubbish’.
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Mr Brainwash paints Banksy Oscar stencil in LA
Mr Brainwash, the actor in Banksy’s film Exit Through the Gift Shop, has painted two new stencils along Sunset Boulevard
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Georgina Ciotti artista buenos aires
Georgina Ciotti unveils new mural in Palermo Soho
Georgina Ciotti unveiled her latest artwork last night painted on the facade of Cultivarte, the bar and theatre space in
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cucusita stencil graffiti buenos aires street art
More Buenos Aires stencil graffiti
More stencils from Buenos Aires including designs by Bs As Stencil, Cucusita and Vomito Attack. Photos by Buenos Aires Street
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blu buenos aires graffiti street art textura dos BA Street Art
Blu Buenos Aires mural painted over
A fantastic mural by the Italian artist Blu in Buenos Aires has been painted over. 
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World Cup stencil in Uruguay
Uruguay went football crazy last year after the country with a population of just 3.3 million reached the World Cup
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Ice arte, Mlie, Pelos de Plumas colegiales buenos aires street art
Magic Mushrooms by Ice with Pelos de Plumas and Mlie
Mural by Ice, Pelos de Plumas and Mlie in Chacarita
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Banksy Crayola Shooter kid with gun Los Angeles
Latest artworks by Banksy in LA
New artworks by Banksy in Los Angeles have been causing quite a stir ahead of the Oscars on Sunday in
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Klaus Kinski stencil in Chacarita
This is one of several new stencils of Klaus Kinski in the movie Aguirre: The Wrath of God that have
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Juice Cows and Argentina’s Farmers Strike
Mural by Anchu and Mondo Lila was painted not long after the famous farming crisis and the row between Cristina
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