Banksy in London

Banksy London Cargo policeman stencil cop ©

Banksy has dozens of designs around the streets of London which are still intact. One of the best ways to recognise a Banksy is if it’s covered in perspex. Here are a few perspexed Banksys that BA Street Art photographed on Street Art London’s walking tour around Shoreditch, East London. They include a pink Triumph GT6 that Banksy painted in 2004. The car used to have a skeleton driver painted on one of the windows but it’s since been removed.

Banksy London Cargo policeman stencil cop © buenosairesstreetart.comPoliceman with pooch

Banksy London Cargo dog HMV his master's voice © buenosairesstreetart.comHis Master’s Voice (HMV)

Banksy car shoreditch london © BA Street Art Tours

Banksy girl gas mask london ©
Other works by Banksy, including this girl with a gas mask along Brick Lane, aren’t in such good condition.
Buenos Aires Street Art and Graffiti – BA Street Art