Famous mural of Pappo covered over by supermarket

A famous mural painted in homage to Noberto ‘Pappo’ Napolitano by the artist and musician Alejandro Amaro has been painted over with the letters of a Chinese supermarket sign, much to the disgust of fans and local residents.

mural de pappo napolitano en la paternal buenosairesstreetart.com artista alejandro amaro

Cover version: the mural before it was painted over (photo © BA Street Art)

The site in the neighbourhood of La Paternal was once a garage workshop where the Argentine blues and rock legend rehearsed with his band and composed songs. Unfortunately the family of the late musician and guitarist failed to explain to the tenants who run the supermarket that the front of the building with the mural couldn’t be altered. And when the neighbours found out that a new canopy was being installed and the shutters were being repainted it was all too late.

TV news report about the story
‘Pappo’ died in a motorcycle crash near Luján on 24 February 2005, and the mural was inaugurated in January 2007 almost two years after his death. The design included a portrait of ‘Pappo’, the triangle of Pappo’s Blues V, and a watch reading four o’clock. It was one of the few tributes that was authorized by the family of the musician.


Amaro painting the mural

Amaro, who now lives in Colombia, took two months to complete the design with the intention that “people would pass by and could say ‘Great Pappo!'” Local residents and fans of the musician are hoping Amaro will return to La Paternal soon to reproduce the mural in another location nearby.

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