Roa in London

roa street art london ©

Belgian street artist Roa is famous for the amazingly detailed animal murals that he’s painted all over Europe and the U.S. Here are some photos we shot of some of his pieces in East London during a tour with Street Art London.

roa street art london ©

Roa hit the headlines in the U.K. at the end of 2010 after his fans and residents in East London launched a campaign to protect his mural of a 3.65m rabbit. The local council wanted to remove it despite the building’s owners’ fight to keep it. Fortunately people power triumphed and Hackney Council backed down in the dispute.

Here are some more photos we took this week of artworks by Roa in London.

roa squirrel london ©

roa street art london stork ©

roa street art london bird ©

roa street art london bird ©

New mural by Roa in Brick Lane, London

Thanks to Griff for his expert knowledge about the London street art scene. For all the latest news and info about street art tours in London check out Street Art London

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