Indaiatuba street art & graffiti – best murals in the city

Indaiatuba in Sao Paulo state is known for its parks and green spaces. Staying in the city for several days, Matt from Buenos Aires Street Art also found a lot of good quality street art and graffiti.

Collaboration by different street artists in Jardim Alice (photo @ BA Street Art)

There seems to be a strong street art scene with many local artists inviting one another to paint walls together like this one (above) in Jardim Alice featuring cartoon characters by Doug Trece, Os Cola and VRL Cod.

Characters painted by Trez, Maskot & Fil  (photo @ BA Street Art)

Other artworks including a harlequin from a forest and an Indian holding a golden arrow were painted at the same event by artists including Trez, Maskot and Fil.

Cartoon character with plant for hair (photo @ BA Street Art)

Characters by Estranho with Kit (photo @ BA Street Art)

Estanho’s characters featuring spray can caps can be found all over the city.

City Centre

Cowboy graffiti by Doug Trece, Casp2 & Maskot (photo @ BA Street Art)

Zero, Doug Trece, Japao, Osapo & Nois Ama Tinta (photo @ BA Street Art)

Half a dozen street artists including Zero, Doug Trece, Japao, Osapo and Nois Ama Tinta also teamed up in February to paint this collaboration on a wall in a supermarket parking lot.

Tiger artwork by Dube on Av. Conceição (photo @ BA Street Art)

Dube is a street artist from Säo Paulo whose was given permission to paint this mural (above) entitled ‘Hathor Goddess of Heaven’ next to a petrol station on Avenida Conceição.

Mural by unnamed artist relating to food, culture & tradition (photo @ BA Street Art)

Zero (photo @ BA Street Art)

Brazilian street artist Zero’s artworks are all over the city centre and stand out with his cartoon characters painted in turquoise spray.

Cartoon characters by Tufs & Zero (photo @ BA Street Art)

Estranho & Fil (photo @ BA Street Art)

This DJ character by Estranho (above) was painted with graffiti artist Fil in March, and is located close to the entrance of Shopping Jaraguá Indaiatuba.

Collaboration between Last Graff, Bizonho & 02C (photo @ BA Street Art)

Subway train painted by Bes (photo @ BA Street Art)

Bes is a well known graffiti artist in Indaiatuba and painted this subway train artwork on a wall on Rúa Persio Sampaio Filho.

Mural by Lapis Meu on Rua 24 de maio (photo @ BA Street Art)

Came across this toucan mural by Lapis Meu on the wall of Sabores Acai on Rua 24 de maio in city centre. A good spot to stop for acai with the temperatures hitting 33c in Indaiatuba in April.

Skate Park

Wall painted in Skate Park in Indaiatuba by Doug Trece & Casp2  (photo @ BA Street Art)

Doug Trece, Casp2, psedks, Last Graff and VR Artes are among different artists who have painted characters and graffiti at a skate park for the event Hip Hop Coraçāo.

Skate Park in Indaiatuba (photo @ BA Street Art)

Wildstyle graffiti by psedks and security guard with a flashlight painted next to a locomotive.

Cartoon graffiti by Hera at the skate park featuring Charlie Brown (photo @ BA Street Art)

Barrio Parque Ecologico

Parque Ecológico de Indaiatuba (photo @ BA Street Art)

Indaiatuba is known for its parks and green spaces with a rich variety of colourful flowers and plants.

Big wall painted by Last, Doug, Risu, Menos1, Bonus, Bizonho (photo @ BA Street Art)

Many murals and graffiti can be found next to the Parque Ecológico de Indaiatuba. Local graffiti artists including Last, Doug, Risu, Menos1, Bonus and Bizonho got together for this cool ‘Indai City’ collaboration just off Av Eng. Fabio Roberto Barnabé.

Doug Trece & Casp2 graffiti (photo @ BA Street Art)

Doug Trece and Casp2 also teamed up to paint this collaboration in a car park off Av Eng. Fabio Roberto Barnabé.

Zero & Osapo (photo @ BA Street Art)

These robot cartoon characters were painted by Zero and Osapo in January.

Doug Trece, Casp2 & Grampola (photo @ BA Street Art)

Cartoon characters by Doug Trece and Grampola with wildstyle graffiti by Casp2.


Street art by Diego Bidu & Adriano Bizonho (photo @ BA Street Art)

A street art event organised in Indaiatuba 2020 saw more than 15 artists paint murals at a school next to the Parque Ecológico.

Murals by artists Dario Gordon & Imortal at the school (photo @ BA Street Art)

Jardim Sao Conrado

Artworks by Tiogo & VR Artes (photo @ BA Street Art)

Jardim Sao Conrado in the south of the city is also a popular spot where artists like Tiogo and VR Artes have painted different murals including a portrait of Bob Marley and different cartoon characters.

We didn’t find many large scale murals in Indaiatuba, instead many good quality smaller artworks are scattered all around the city and staying in the city for a week we had plenty of time to go exploring. Check out our blog post about the best street art in Sao Paulo City

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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