Pinheiros street art & graffiti – the best murals in the neighbourhood

Pinheiros is one of the best neighbourhoods in Säo Paulo to check out street art by international artists like Vhils, Pichiavo, Okuda, Shepard Fairey, Kobra and more. Many of these murals have been curated by Nalata in the last few years. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

Artwork by Vhils curated by Nalata in Pinheiros (photo @ BA Street Art)

Vhils from Portugal is famous for his relief artworks carved out of walls using power drills, chisels and other tools.

Okuda San Miguel (photo @ BA Street Art)

Okuda San Miguel is a street artist from Madrid and painted this eye-catching mural for NaLata in 2023 that features shamans and fortune-tellers. Okuda’s works create fantasy worlds mixing colour, geometry animals, people and landscapes.

Felipe Pantone (photo @ BA Street Art)

Argentine artist Felipe Pantone was also invited to Säo Paulo to paint a large scale mural near Largo da Batata in 2023 for NaLata.

Pichiavo mural in front of Largo da Batata in 2023 for NaLata

Valencia duo Pichiavo painted this mural (above) featuring the sculpture Aphrodite de Milo surrounded by graffiti letters in front of Largo da Batata square in 2021 for NaLata.

Shepard Fairey (photo @ BA Street Art)

U.S. artist Shepard Fairey created this mural called ‘Carga Frágil’ in Largo da Batata for LaNata in 2021. The left hand side of the mural depicts the scales of justice with a flower and to the right is a woman with a communist-style cap relating to her support for Equal Rights Amendment. Fairey says: “It’s about cultivating justice, focusing on the need for environmental justice to keep our planet healthy. Brazil is the home of the largest Amazonian rainforest, one of the most important sources of oxygen for planet earth. We are all stewards of the planet, so I hope the mural and this print can serve as a reminder that we must protect the earth’s fragile cargo for future generations.”

New murals by Sasha Korban & Kobra (photo @ BA Street Art)

The two murals (in the above photo) were painted by Ukrainian artist Sasha Korban and Eduardo Kobra. The first artwork features a dancer imitating the movement of butterflies. The second painted by Kobra features a traditional Ukrainian vase painted with the blue and yellow colours of the national flag with butterflies coming out of it. The mural project called ‘The Exchange’ was commmissioned by Ukrainian Institute in Brazil to remember the two years of war between Ukraine and Russia and defend environmental protection.

Brazilian artists

Carla Duncan (photo @ BA Street Art)

Brazilian street artists are also well represented with numerous large scale murals visible around Pinheiros. Carla Duncan painted a beautiful mural for Nalata in 2023 featuring native women reading and lying in hammocks. It’s located at Rua Fernão Dias 467.

Let’s dance – mural by Manuela Navas (photo @ BA Street Art)

Brazilian artist Manuela Navas painted this mural of a couple dancing for the 3rd edition of NaLata 2022 located at Av. Pedro de Morais 227.

Hanna Lucatelli (photo @ BA Street Art)

Brazilian artists Hanna Lucatelli painted this huge mural in Pinheiros in 2021. The artwork pays tribute to the Brazilian people and their diversity by bringing the image of an indigenous and sacred woman, a representation of the fertile land that unites and welcomes everyone. Hanna’s work often expresses the power and energy of women, distancing herself from the stereotype of the weaker sex.

Rafael Sliks (photo @ BA Street Art)

Brazilian artist Rafael Sliks painted this artwork above for NaLata that can be found on Rua Guacuí 51 around the area of bars and restaurants close to Largo da Batata. There are many colourful artworks painted on the shutters and fronts of the bars and local stores.

John Perello (photo @ BA Street Art)

Brazilian abstract artist John Perello painted this mural using caligraphy and colour for NaLata in 2023. It can be found in a car park at Av. Pedroso de Morais 800.

Alex Senna mural inspired by poetry (photo @ BA Street Art)

Alex Senna is a well-known Brazilian street artist who has painted murals around Europe and South America. He’s well know for his artworks in black and white like this one above painted in 2020. This mural above was inspired by a poem by Marcelo Ariel with the phrases: “That the sky descends to the earth”, and “Through the beats of your heart”.

Mural by Apolo Torres painted in 2022 (photo @ BA Street Art)

Brazilian artist Apolo Torres painted this mural above for NaLata in 2022 that is entitled ‘Refugio’ or ‘Refuge’. It can be found on Av. Pedro de Morais and the corner of Rua Artur de Azevedo.

Smaller artworks

Artwork by Kueio (photo @ BA Street Art)

Brazilian artist and illustrator Kuêio is known for his cartoon rabbits painted with aerosol like this cool artwork above on the front of a local store in Pinheiros.

Interpretation of ‘Lunch Atop a Skyscraper’ by Cranio (photo @ BA Street Art)

On the wall of an apartment building off Rua Pedro do Morais, Cranio has painted a mural featuring an interpretation of the iconic photograph taken in 1932 during the construction of the Rockerfeller Center in New York featuring ‘sky walkers’ or builders having lunch on a steel beam 69 floors up.

Mural by Celopax on Rua Antônio Bicudo (photo @ BA Street Art)

Behind Escola Fernão Dias Paes, along Rua Antônio Bicudois is another good spot to check out murals by local street artists like Celopax.

Jim Morrison & Kurt Cobain portraits by Kobra (photo @ BA Street Art)

An iconic mural by Kobra on the corner of Rua Sumidouro and Rua Fernão Dias features half portraits of the 27 Club – famous musicians who died at the age of 27 including Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse, Jimmy Hendrix and Jean-Michel Basquiat, plus Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain.

João Cobra and Jorge BTS (photo @ BA Street Art)

On this street corner, we photographed this cool new collaboration between João Cobra, who painted a landscape with plants and birds, and graffiti artist Jorge BTS who painted a great wildstyle piece.

Mural featuring cannabis leaves (photo @ BA Street Art)

We also came across this colourful mural featuring women and cannibis leaves on the front of O Dispensário at Rua Joaquim Antunes 380.

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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