Guaruja street art & graffiti – best murals around the city

Guaruja is a well-known Brazilian beach resort and popular destination for surfers and holiday-makers. Also around the city are numerous murals relating to surfing. Matt from Buenos Aires Street Art was there last week and took these photos.

Part of mural by Wilis featuring 4 surfers Mineirinho, Luiz Diniz, Caio Ibelli & Taiu Bueno at Praia das Asturias (photo @ BA Street Art)

Praia das Asturias

In 2020, Brazilian street artist Wilis was hired by Guarujá Secretaria Municipal de Cultura to paint a 100m mural as a tribute to world champion surfers Mineirinho, Caioi Belli, Rodrigo Koxa, Jesse Mendes, Juliana Meneguel & Luiz Diniz in Praia das Asturias.

Surfers Mineirinho, Luiz Diniz, Caio Ibelli, Taiu Bueno, Juliana Meneguel & Luiz Diniz at Praia das Asturias (photo @ BA Street Art)

Wilis painted the mural with portraits of the six surfers with help from his wife Leila. It includes Mineirinho (left) who was world surf champion in 2015 along with other title winners.

Surfer Rodrigo Koxa (photo @ BA Street Art)

The mural is located on Mirante do Morro da Campina overlooking Praia das Asturias.

View of Praia das Asturias in Guarujá (photo @ BA Street Art)

Many more murals by Wilis and other artists can be found around Praia das Asturias.

3D mural with the message ‘I love Guarujá’ by Wilis (photo @ BA Street Art)

The above mural that features 3D elements like a surfboard painted on the ground and a giant bottle can be found at the entrance to the small artisan fair by Praia das Asturias.

Mural with surfboards by Praia do Tombo (photo @ BA Street Art)

Mural with message ‘Guarujá ‘Land of Diversity’ by artist Hugo Leal (photo @ BA Street Art)

Praia Pitangueiras

bar with mural painted by Wilis (photo @ BA Street Art)

Along Rua Rio de Janeiro is an area called ‘Boulevard Gastronomico da Cidade’ with a number of bars and restaurants all in close proximity. You’ll find a number of them are decorated inside with murals by different street artists.

Mexican catrina by Xand Art  (photo @ BA Street Art)

Xand Art has decorated a bar on Rua Rio de Janiero with a Mexican theme featuring a catrina, skeleton and cartoon characters.

Artwork by Xand Art in a bar on Rua Rio de Janiero (photo @ BA Street Art)

Praia da Enseada

Mural by Wilis on Praia da Enseada (photo @ BA Street Art)

A number of restaurants and bars along Praia da Enseada are decorated with murals.

View of Praia da Enseada (photo @ BA Street Art)

Scum graffiti on Av. Niguel Estefano close to Praia da Enseada (photo @ BA Street Art)

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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