Porto street art and graffiti – the best murals around the city

Porto in Portugal is beautiful city to visit for a short stay and some great murals and graffiti can also be found in its different neighbourhoods and outskirts, as Matt Fox-Tucker of Buenos Aires Street Art discovered.

mr dheo hazul mural porto graffiti tour street art arte callejero trindade station estacione portugal grafiti

Mural by Hazul and Mr Dheo at Trindade station

Around the centre

One of the most striking murals around the city centre is a collaboration by Portuguese artists Hazul and Mr Dheo next to Trindade metro station painted in 2014. The main man in the mural is Mr Dheo’s dad who is holding a miniature model of Clérigos Tower that he’s painting with a spray can.

BreakOne murais graffiti tour lisbon ribeira Frederico Draw Fedor Oker Alma aves aerosol peinture

Collaboration by BreakOne, Frederico Draw, Fedor, Oker and Alma

A few blocks north of Trindade on the corner of Rua do Paraíso and Rua de Camōes is a mural painted by BreakOne and the collective RUA (Frederico Draw, Oker, Fedor and Rodrigo Alma) for the street art festival Push Porto in 2014.

sao bento railway station porto portugal glass decoration architecture tiles art deco tour hotels

São Bento railway station

A few blocks from São Bento railway station is a mural of a huge cat by Spanish street artist Liqen peering out of a narrow alleyway.

gato cat mural liqen street art portugal lisbon porto azul blue graffiti tour centro restaurantes

Giant cobalt cat by Liqen

The artwork named ‘Cobalt Cat’ covers five storeys and relates to the amount of cats around Porto and the blue colour that is common in the tiles (azulejos) found on many buildings around the city.


sam3 street artist mural portugal porto arte urbano figura retrato fresque murais


Overlooking the Douro River, along Rua Nova da Alfańdega are a number of murals by prominent Portuguese and foreign street artists. Sam3 was in Portugal for the Manobras No Porto Festival in 2011 and painted this mural in this small square. The project was organised by Prova de Artista.

street art porto portugal daniel eime graffiti tour rio river oporto plaza square photo

Daniel Eime

Portuguese street artist Daniel Eime painted this portrait entitled ‘Mira’ or ‘Look’ in 2015. It can be found in a square along Rua Nova da Alfândega close to the Porto Tram City Tour stop.

look at porto cinema cine graffiti tour street art porto portugal vhils sculpture

Vhils mural commissioned by Look at Porto

Cinema ‘Look at Porto’ commissioned the first mural in the city by Portuguese artist Vhils in 2016. It can be found further along Rua Nova da Alfańdega.

Dom Luis I Bridge

Frederico Draw mural porto portugal graffiti tour bridge puente arte urbano rouge red glasses man urban art murais

Mural by Frederico Draw

On the Porto side of the River Douro by the entrance to Dom Luis I Bridge is an iconic mural by Portuguese artist Frederico Draw. This portrait of the old man was painted in 2015 and welcomes visitors to Porto from the other side of the river. Draw is well known for his stunning portraits often in black and white with a colourful background.

Dom Luis I Bridge Vila Nova da Gaia porto portugal eiffel steel structure view photo

Dom Luis I Bridge looking towards the Porto side from Vila Nova da Gaia

Vila Nova de Gaia

bordalo II rabbit mural Vila Nova da Gaia porto portugal lapin rabbit conejo view photo graffiti tour oporto vino wine wineries

Bordalo II rabbit

Crossing the bridge to Vila Nova da Gaia is a fantastic artwork by Portuguese artist Bordalo II that is located on Rua Dom Afonso III. The rabbit made from trash occupies a street corner that is two blocks from Mercado Gaia opposite the Quinta Santa Eufemia winery.

wineries porto bodegas Vila Nova da Gaia porto portugal photo graffiti tour oporto pastel plants flowers plantas mural

Mural by Argentine street artist Pastel

Vila Nova de Gaia is famous for Porto wine and its many wineries. And this mural by Pastel that is painted on the four sides of a small tower can be found walking up the hill where many of the biggest wine lodges are located.


Lionesa is a business park in Leça do Balio about 13 km north of the city of Porto. The complex includes cafes and restaurants with a long wall painted by a collective of ten Portuguese artists Caos, Utopia, Third, Mar, Distopia, Nomen, Draw, Ram, Mr Dheo and Mário Belém with artworks relating to the sea and local history.

porto street art mr dheo mario belem lionesa portugal photo graffiti tour wall pared murais muro graffiti aerosol paint peinture fresque portugal

Mural by Mario Belém and Mr Dheo featuring Omar the Fisherman

porto graffiti tour nomen lionesa portugal photo street art wall pared murais muro graffiti aerosol paint peinture fresque portugal

Mural by Nomen

porto graffiti tour polar bear third lionesa portugal foto photo street art wall pared murais muro graffiti aerosol paint peinture fresque portugal

Polar bear mural by Third

Frederico Draw artista porto portugal lionesa mural hombre pescador navigador muro murais peinture painting fresque arte urbano grafiti

Mural called ‘Sea Wolf’ by Frederico Draw

cayo carpo leyenda mito murais imagen mural street art caracter photo arte callejero tour lionesa porto portugal third mar

Murals by Third and Mar that relates to the local legend Cayo Carpo

Portuguese artist Mar has painted an artwork that refers to Cayo Carpo, a Roman pagan who is associated with the founding of the city of Matosinhos. The legend says that when Cayo Carpo saw the body of the James the Apostle being transported to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, he “rode” the sea before converting to Christianity.

felipe pantone graffiti street art porto portugal lionesa 3d geometria shapes colours

Mural by Spanish-based artist Felipe Pantone who was born in Argentina


Matosinhos is a coastal town located about 13 km to the west of the city of Porto. It’s well known for its cruise ship terminal and beaches.

 graffiti tour porto portugal mr dheo burger king peixe fish pescado arte urbano

Mural by Mr Dheo next to Burger King

The biggest and perhaps most impressive mural in the city is that painted by Mr Dheo next to Burger King on Avenida da República. It’s a self portrait of the artist standing up eating a fish while leaning against a giant Burger King sign. The mural is entitled ‘Calories’. Many of the murals around Matosinhos like this one were sponsored by the Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos and formed part of the Up There Street Art festival in 2016 curated by Lionesa.

 graffiti tour porto portugal katre matosinhos perspective architecture arte urbano

Mural by French street artist Katre

A couple of blocks away is also an impressive mural by French street artist Katre whose artworks focus on perspectives, abandoned spaces and interiors of buildings. This mural painted at the Up There festival depicts an abandoned building once used for preserving and storing fish.

matosinhos graffiti porto portugal pariz one matosinhos arte callejero urban art graffiti abstract

Mural by Pariz One on a four storey building

hazul matosinhos graffiti porto portugal matosinhos arte urbano urban art graffiti

Portuguese street artist Hazul

matosinhos graffiti tour porto portugal urban art grafiti caracteres fish peixe pared muro murais fresques

Mural by Mal Anti in Matosinhos

old school graffiti porto portugal wildstyle piece burner urban art grafiti caracteres pared muro murais fluo

Wildstyle graffiti in Matosinhos

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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