Jaz, Ice, Nerf, Dano, Shonis, Isag, Mart, Nacho, Maur, Zear, Tues and Australian street artist Palms painted a giant wall on Saturday. The artists enjoyed an ‘asado’ (Argentine barbecue) in the sun and created some impressive pieces and burners. The event entitled ‘Asado Burners’ was organised in association with the aerosol paint company Ironlak. Continue reading →

Tecnopolis, the science, technology and art show opened in Villa Martelli in the Province of Buenos Aires on Friday. The 60 hectares site has dozens of pavillions dedicated to subjects such as Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Street artists Martin Ron, Lean Frizzera, Emy Mariani and Diego Cirulli have painted a series of murals in Plaza de la Memoria. And the exterior of a former warehouse building, that has been converted into a performance space, has been decorated by some of Buenos Aires’ best-known artists including Jaz, Ever, Mart, Roma, Tec, Triangulo Dorado and Nazza Stencil.

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