Her beautiful designs light up a bar and theatre space, a tango studio, two hairdressers and a beauty parlour. Since returning from Spain at the end of 2009, Georgina Ciotti has dedicated herself to creating a series of fantastic murals in Buenos Aires. “I have always had a tendency for the fantasy,” says Georgina. “When I was working in Barcelona, my designs were more about women and the female form, and works relating to topics such as desire or suffering and these types of things. Now I’m trying to create a bit more of the fantasy.” Continue reading →

Georgina Ciotti unveiled her latest artwork last night painted on the facade of Cultivarte, the bar and theatre space in Palermo Soho. The mural is named “Olivia” after the daughter of a friend of Georgina’s who nearly drowned but fortunately survived and depicts gods of protection. It took her a month to complete working an average of five hours a day under lamplight after dark.

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