Graffiti & street artists paint at Las Sierras Graff

More than 70 graffiti artists and street artists took part in Las Sierras Graff at the weekend and painted cool new artworks on an old metal factory in Tandil. Some photos from the festival by Buenos Aires Street Art.

Artists Mundo Rod, Snap, Lion, Mocha & Demis (photo © BA Street Art)

The three-day event in the city of Tandil, which is surrounded by the Sierras of Tandil, was organised by Axel Milan (who is an artist and art teacher from Tandil specialising in the use of airbrushes) together with Il Kanino (who opened the first aerosol paint store in Tandil and has encouraged a new generation of graffiti artists to paint) and Snap (one of the best known graffiti artists in Mar del Plata).

Visitors and local residents came to watch the artists painting (photo © BA Street Art)

Graffiti artists and street artists painted some cool artworks on the walls of the factory including one section spanning an entire block measuring approximately 130 metres in length.

Swamp things – finished collaboration between Mundo Rod, Lion, Snap, Mocha and Demis (photo © BA Street Art)

“It’s the biggest event of its kind in Tandil with more than artists coming from lots of different places like Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires city and there’s also one artist from Italy and another from Chile,” revealed Axel.

Crocodile rock –  Mocha painting (photo © BA Street Art)

Mundo Rod (photo © BA Street Art)

Axel said: “We also have one artist who is nine years old as well as some older artists aged about 45-years-old – so there are people of all ages! The artists all brought their paint and their good energy with the aim of everybody having a good time and sharing a nice experience with others.”

Ice & Nerf (photo © BA Street Art)

Experienced graffiti artists from Buenos Aires City like Cabe, Ice and Nerf were among those invited to the event.

Cabe painting (photo © BA Street Art)

Axel explained how Las Sierras Graff came about: “I was talking with Canino about the idea to get some artists together to paint and learn new things – as sometimes things can stay the same in the city – so we decided to get Las Sierras Graff going. Canino said ‘why don’t we set a date to organise the event?’ – so we decided on this weekend and we made it happen.” He added: “And I don’t think I’d be lying to say the event has been a great success!”

Unidos Crew (photo © BA Street Art)

Argentine graffiti artist Moqui (photo © BA Street Art)

Argentine graffiti artist Moqui who has painted pieces in countries like Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico also came to take part in Las Sierras Graff.

Mad1 from Trials Crew (photo © BA Street Art)

Mariano Kuroski, Florencia Salinas & Juli Casse painting a new mural together (photo © BA Street Art)

Artists Mariano Kuroski, Florencia Salinas and Juli Casse from Entre Rios teamed up to paint a mural together.

Artist Faka Stencil (photo © BA Street Art)

Artist Faka Stencil is also from Mar del Plata.

Ceb & Seba Cener painting and ‘Calma’ mural by Clara Stellato (photo © BA Street Art)

Two street artists who have painted dozens of murals around Tandil are Seba Cener and Ceb.

Graffo & Asis (photo © BA Street Art)

Local graffiti artists like Graffo from Olavarria and Asis also painted an eye-catching piece featuring a chimpanzee with a machine gun.

Artist Javi Almiron (photo © BA Street Art)

Artist Javi Almiron from Mar del Plata painted a collaboration with Nicco biz from Chile featuring a Patagonian landscape, a sunset and nature.

Artist FaUno (photo © BA Street Art)

Artist FaUno painted the word ‘Sierra’ relating to the sierras around Tandil province and also relating to the name of the event Las Sierras Graff.

Artist Dirtifresh (photo © BA Street Art)

Artist Aldana Fernandez Toledo (photo © BA Street Art)

Mural by Estefi Zubeldia (photo © BA Street Art)

All photos by © Buenos Aires Street Art

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