Charly Garcia and Carlos Gardel murals painted by Alfredo Segatori

Alfredo Segatori has painted two new murals featuring Charly Garcia and Carlos Gardel in Palermo. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

Charly Garcia conducting with the Obelisk (photo © BA Street Art)

One of the new murals features Argentine rock legend Charly Garcia conducting an orchestra using Buenos Aires’ famous landmark the Obelisk as a baton and a piano keyboard.

Tango time – Diego Maradona & Italian singer Rafaela Carrá (photo © BA Street Art)

Also included in one of the murals by Segatori are Diego Maradona and Italian singer Rafaela Carrá dancing tango.

Under the bridge (photo © BA Street Art)

Maradona, Rafaela Carrá & Charly Garcia

Mural of Carlos Gardel and a racehorse (photo © BA Street Art)

Segatori has become synonymous with Carlos Gardel – painting two murals of the tango icon in the same location. This new version features ‘the song thrush wearing his distinctive trilby hat.

Gardel with racehorse Lunatico (photo © BA Street Art)

The new murals form part of a new series of abstract artworks in the street painted by Segatori entitled ‘Exabrupto de Color’ that means ‘Burp of colour’. The murals are located on the corner of Avenida del Libertador and Avenida Dorrego in Palermo close to the Hippodrome.

All photos by © Buenos Aires Street Art

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