Messi & Maradona mural together painted in Buenos Aires

Nora Basilio has painted a new mural of Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi in Tigre. Photos by BA Street Art.

Homage to Argentina’s two greatest footballers (photo © BA Street Art)

Argentine artist Nora Basilio has completed a mural featuring both Messi and Maradona together as a tribute to Argentina’s two greatest footballers.

Messi & Maradona mural in Tigre, Buenos Aires (photo © BA Street Art)

The new artwork features both Messi and Maradona wearing the Argentine national football team shirt.

The mural project named ‘Huella Urbana‘ was sponsored by Tigre government.

Messi & Maradona mural also features the No 10 (photo © BA Street Art)

The mural is located in Don Torcuato in the district of Tigre (photo © BA Street Art)

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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