Buenos Aires Museum new mural by Mariela Ajras

Mariela Ajras has painted a giant new mural at the Buenos Aires Museum in Monserrat. Photos by BA Street Art.

New mural by Mariela Ajras in Monserrat (photo © BA Street Art)

The mural that measures seven stories in height features a huge portrait of a woman with the name of the Argentine capital. It can be seen from the roof terrace of Buenos Aires Museum.

Rooftop view of the new mural (photo © BA Street Art)

About the mural, Mariela said: “It is a mural about the future as potential, as a fertile and immense land of possibilities, although sometimes it is difficult to imagine it, especially on days like today when the earth is on fire.”

Mariela Ajras: “Land of possibilities” (photo © BA Street Art)

It’s the second mural painted by Mariela for Buenos Aires Museo.

First mural on rooftop of Farmacia de la Estrella (photo © BA Street Art)

The first mural entitled ‘Memory and women‘ decorated exterior walls on the rooftop of ‘Farmacia de la Estrella’ that is of the oldest pharmacies in the city of Buenos Aires.

Mural entitled ‘Memory and women‘ (photo © BA Street Art)

The artwork draws inspiration from the stories of the women who use to live in the houses that are now part of the Buenos Aires Museum located at Defensa 187.

Exhibition at Buenos Aires Museo (photo © BA Street Art)

During the month of March, Buenos Aires Museo is running an exhibition and activities dedicated to women who have been fundamental in the history of the city of Buenos Aires.

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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