Hyuro in Buenos Aires

Hyuro has been visiting Buenos Aires and the Argentine artist has painted three new murals in the city. One with Jaz.

graffiti tour buenos aires arte urbano argentina bs as buenosairesstreetart.com

Hyuro and Jaz in Villa Crespo

hyuro arte callejero valencia españa buenos aires argentina villa crespo buenosairesstreetart.com

Riding high

hyuro mural street art buenos aires arte urbano buenosairesstreetart.com

Taking aim

hyuro murales valencia buenos aires street art arte urbano mujeres buenosairesstreetart.com

Collaboration at Fitz Roy and Castillo

hyuro buenos aires urban art murales buenosairesstreetart.com


The Valencia-based artist has painted another beautiful mural showing six ladies holding up a car and a second artwork by herself below.

hyuro tamara djurovic artista murales argentina buenos aires arte urbano graffiti street art painter

This mural appears to show three woman weaving houses

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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