The stunning mural of Carlos Tevéz in Fuerte Apache towers over a tiny football pitch where youngsters aspire to become the World Cup stars of the future. The homage to one of Argentina’s most famous and popular footballers has “immortalized Tevéz” according to Martin Ron, one of the artists who painted the giant portrait together with Lean Frizzera and Emy Mariani. Buenos Aires Street Art was granted special access to take photographs inside Fuerte Apache, regarded as one of the most dangerous places in the world and spoke with Martin about the project. Continue reading →

New intervention by Chilean artist Felipe Smides in Villa Urquiza painted last weekend . The anti-comsumerist craze is known as culture jamming whereby advertising billboards are altered to change their meaning.  With this intervention, Felipe has changed the poster that champions the benefits of a pain killing drug with the message ‘Set fire to your slavery’ (‘Incendia tu esclavatud’) with two giant matches.

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