Argentine street artists Triangulo Dorado have been talking to BA Street Art about their a spectacular new mural called ‘The Passion Flower’. The design was inspired by a series of mid-19th century photographs and features a women in a relaxed pose wearing an elaborate period costume with a passion flower above her head. It took the trio two days to complete.

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Carlos Tévez is one of the most famous footballers in the world having played for famous clubs such as Boca Juniors, Manchester United and now Manchester City. He grew up in Fuerte Apache, one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the Province of Buenos Aires, where street artists Lean Frizzera, Martín Ron and Emy Mariani have painted a giant mural depicting the striker wearing the colours of the Argentina national team.

Martin, Emy and Lean below the mural on a ‘mono block’

Lean told us about the project that was organised by the local government and groups in the region of (partido de) Tres de Febrero. “One day they gave us this wall to paint where Carlitos Tévez lived. Carlitos was born in the place with the window underneath. Martin was managing everything and went there to find out what we needed to do. I spoke with him and with Emy and we made a montage on photoshop. They gave us all the materials and a crane and afterwards we went there and painted the mural.”

Paste up by Raul Rodini in La Boca

Fuerte Apache is renowned as one of the most dangerous barrios in Buenos Aires. “To me it is not that unlike the nearby barrio (Lomas del Mirador) where I lived when I was a kid,” said Lean. “It is complicated to enter this place. You can go there but to get in is difficult. You have to enter with somebody who lives there so nothing happens to you. It’s not being paranoid but there are armed police, it’s a rough place.”

Stencil graffiti honouring Tévez

Hundreds of residents with their families turned out to see the trio paint the mural of ‘El Apache’ which took three days to complete. And Lean said the locals in Fuerte Apache were delighted with the finished artwork. “The people were really happy and afterwards we were playing football with the kids who idolize Carlitos.”

‘Touch and go’

Street art of Tévez can be found all over the neighbourhood of Ejercito de los Andes and also in the Federal Capital of Buenos Aires.

Mural of Tévez in La Boca