Latest mural by Lean Frizzera self-censored

Argentine street artist Lean Frizzera has been forced to cover up his own mural after a local resident complained that the image was ‘pornographic’.

Lean Frizzera buenos aires graffiti street art

Provocative – Lean’s original design with Emy Mariani

Lean is famous for his fantastic and provocative murals of voluptuous women that you can find all over Buenos Aires. However, his latest  with Emy Mariani entitled ‘Red Hot Riding Hell’, which showed a dog performing oral sex on a semi-naked woman, proved a step too far for one neighbour who called  TV and radio station to complain.

Lean Frizzera street art buenos aires graffiti argentina © BA Street Art Lean with his censored work

Lean told BA Street Art: “I made this artwork and someone, a neighbour, was offended. They called the media saying it was like a porno. Canal 9 and Radio Continental both contacted me saying they wanted to do interviews. I think they wanted to see a fight between me and my neighbour but I told them I wasn’t going to fight. The whole thing is crazy.”
The local residents committee then called Lean to inform him that the police had received a complaint about his mural. “After that I put up a giant notice saying ‘Obra Censurada!’ (‘Work Censured!’) and covered it all up,” said Lean. “Do I think think this painting is a bit too expicit? Of course not, I think someone was just trying to stir up some trouble. For me painting has to shock. It has to surprise the person who sees it and make things happen.”

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  • Jay Johnston

    You know, I hate censorship, but as the father of a 4 yr old girl, I would have thrown paint on it. I love graffiti, but if you gona paint something like that, you have to know it’s coming down……..

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