Ever, Jaz, Mart and Run Dont Walk have painted a one of the tallest murals in Buenos Aires. The collaboration measuring 25 metres by 3.5 metres was completed yesterday with each of the four artists painting two floors each of a nine storey hotel in Recoleta.

Scaling the heights

Mart, Jaz, Ever and Run Dont Walk


Giant bear mural by Jaz

Ever and Run Dont Walk

It’s winter in Buenos Aires and with the cold weather there’s no shortage of flu and common colds doing the rounds. A state of health emergency was declared in Greater Buenos Aires this time two years ago; and from April to July 24, 2009, there were more than 200 recorded deaths in Argentina due to the virus known as ‘gripe A’ or HIN1. The pandemic also led to a wave of graffiti depicting ‘la gripe porcina’ and the H1N1 virus, and pigs are still popping up around  BA.