Corona and Roma are painting a new mural in Recoleta that features a townscape with colouful rooftops. The two street artists started the new design on the facade of a house on Sunday and hope to finish it later this week. You can check it out at the intersection of Soler and Jose A. Cabrera.

roma corona arte urbano buenos aires street art © buenosairesstreetart.comOut on the town: Corona and Roma

corona artista callejero buenos aires street art © buenosairesstreetart.comHouse proud: Corona

roma corona arte urbano buenos aires street art © buenosairesstreetart.comClimbing high above the rooftops: Roma

Tecnopolis, the science, technology and art show opened in Villa Martelli in the Province of Buenos Aires on Friday. The 60 hectares site has dozens of pavillions dedicated to subjects such as Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Street artists Martin Ron, Lean Frizzera, Emy Mariani and Diego Cirulli have painted a series of murals in Plaza de la Memoria. And the exterior of a former warehouse building, that has been converted into a performance space, has been decorated by some of Buenos Aires’ best-known artists including Jaz, Ever, Mart, Roma, Tec, Triangulo Dorado and Nazza Stencil.

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A study has shown that the presence of graffiti and litter can lead to an increase in petty crime. But can street art lead to a reduction in crime or combating the feeling of insecurity? Argentine artist Roma thinks so. Recently he painted a colourful mural along a dark passageway in the partido (county) of San Martin in the Province of Buenos Aires. The wall took Roma 15 days to paint in spite of bad weather, and he believes his colourful design has transformed the area.

Frights of passage

“I painted the artwork not long after my son Romero was born but it’s not of him, it’s a character, a child with glasses,” says Roma. “It’s a place where the people who go are frightened, and there are a lot of crimes committed there. It’s a passageway that is dark and filthy and the few people who go there leave a lot of rubbish and several of them come from the villas (slums) and are looking for a place to sleep.”
Not far from the passageway are a large number of slums including Villa La Rana. “San Martin is one of the counties in the Province of Buenos Aires that has the most villas,” says Roma.”Around the town of San Martin, there are around 60 or more villas and it can be very dangerous.”

“In general not too many people use the passageway because it generates fear and insecurity, so the idea of the painting it was to try to change that,” added Roma. “In every place that I go I try to revitalize a wall that is written all over or is ugly – it’s a kind of  urban cleaning or a renewal of energy.”