Great Wall of Colour II by Roma, Sam, Nice and Amor

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Street artists Roma, Sam, Nice and Amor have finished painting the second of two dramatic murals that now cover two walls of an old property in Villa Ballester in the Province of  Buenos Aires.

buenos aires street art roma sam villa ballester ©

Facade of colour

buenos aires street art graffiti tour villa ballester roma sam amor ©
Around the corner: part of the first mural (left)
The first mural on the south elevation of the building was completed by Poeta, Roma and Sam at the end of April. Roma, Sam, Nice and Amor then finished the second section a few days ago. Sam told me how the second phase of the project came about. “After we’d finished painting the other side of the building, the woman who lives there told us she loved the artwork and asked us to paint the front as well.”
buenos aires street art tour villa ballester roma sam nice amor ©
Facelift: old property gets a new look

“The property is really old and has been in the neighbourhood for a long time. It’s great painting this building because it has formed a part of the barrio for many years and I live nearby and have grown up in this neighbourhood,” said Sam.

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Sam’s Town

Sam said the collaboration between the four artists worked really well. “The idea was that we all got together to paint,” said Sam. “It’s in a free style, there were no limits and we didn’t make a sketch or plan anything beforehand. The concept was to make something abstract with each one painting something personal in their own style with all the artworks mixing together.”

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Men at work: Sam and Roma

Amor has also created an organic design with  roots and vines that are seemingly connected to a plant that is growing on the cornice of the building.

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Plants and architecture

“We also tried to respect the lines of the different colours and the building’s architecture too,” added Sam. “The wall is really high as well as wide and it’s also near to a busy road so the impact is striking when you go past it and see it.”

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