Nuestros tours van a mostrarles el lado artístico de Buenos Aires y unos de los murales más grandes e icónicos en unas areas de la ciudad que no están en las guiadas turísticas. Buenos Aires Street Art fue fundada en 2010 y durante este tiempo ha organizado más de 200 murales en la ciudad y en otros países también. Fondos que recibimos de nuestros tours ayudan financiar más proyectos de murales.


graffiti tour buenos aires BA Street Art

Cada martes, jueves y sábado empezando a las 14.30 hs. Los tours a pie se realizan en inglés y comienzan en Colegiales y terminan en Palermo Hollywood visitando unos barrios en el noroeste de la ciudad con murales por artistas como Fintan Magee, Alice Pasquini y Kiptoe. Duración 2 horas y 45 minutos. Precio US$20 o AR$1200 pesos por persona. Pueden hacer la reserva para este tour por el calendario abajo. Lleva un par de minutos y toda la información necesaria sobre el tour y el punto del encuentro va a estar enviada automáticamente. Nuestro email es

I recommend everybody visiting Buenos Aires to consider BA Street Art Tours as it will be really a great experience. Moreover, if you’re lucky, you can have the chance to see an artist at work! – Lucia Esposto, Italy

Having written a book on street art in BA you would be hard pressed to find a guide more in touch with what’s going on. I work with a lot of street artists in London and it was refreshing to come half way round the world and see such passion here! If you choose any tour make sure it’s this one. – Sam Mills, London

We saw a very different side of Buenos Aires that most tourists probably wouldn’t even think to see. I’d recommend it to everybody who is living here, or just passing through. – Andrew Gardiner, Australia

If you have an interest in art of any kind then I can’t recommend this tour highly enough. It was fascinating and the guide’s enthusiasm and huge knowledge of his chosen subject made the tour one of the best experiences of our month-long trip. – Fiona and Trevor Wilson, Scotland

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Our tours will show you the artistic side of this great city and the biggest murals by international street artists in areas that aren’t in the tourist guidebooks. BA Street Art was founded in 2009 and prides itself in being much more than another tour company. We have organised more than 100 murals around the city in the last six years and we take an active role in the local community. Money received from our tours also helps fund future mural projects. We are street art experts and also wrote the first book to be published about street art in the Argentine capital.


graffiti tour buenos aires BA Street ArtTuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays starting at 1.45pm (in winter). Walking tours starts in Colegiales and finishes in Palermo Hollywood visiting barrios in the north west part of the city. Duration 2 hours 45 mins. Price US$20 or AR$550 pesos per person. We have been having some problems with our online booking calendar so the best way to get in touch to book a tour with us until the problem is fixed is via email. Our email is


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