Beco do Batman street art & graffiti + best murals in Vila Madalena

Beco do Batman is perhaps the best known neighbourhood to tourists for street art and graffiti in Sao Paulo city but many more good quality murals can be found around nearby Vila Madalena, as Matt from Buenos Aires Street Art discovered last week.

Mural by Daniel Boletabike (right) (photo © BA Street Art)

The highest concentration of street art in Beco do Batman can be found in the nameless stretch of cobbled alleyways between Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque and Rua Harmonia. Such is the popularity of the neighbourhood with tourists, in a similar fashion to Shoreditch in London, many murals are painted over or new artworks appear every few weeks.

One of many murals of Batman in Beco do Batman (photo © BA Street Art)

Several murals featuring Batman can be seen on the walls. This artwork (above) painted by Fernanda Luz and Wagner Loud represents the cover of a comic dating from 1939 featuring Batman and The Blue Beetle.

Batman from The Dark Knight (photo © BA Street Art)

Another Batman mural (above) painted by Atual Art and Image Erc on Tv. Alonso seems to have also become a popular spot for selfies and Instagramers.

Batgirl painted by Binho (photo © BA Street Art)

Brazilian artist Binho, who has a studio in Beco do Batman, has painted a number of cool new characters with aerosol that can be found around the hood. This artwork above depicting Batgirl is on the front of Madruguinha Coffee Shop.

New artwork by Binho in Beco do Batman (photo © BA Street Art)

This colourful plant character by Binho (above) is on the side of a hamburger joint.

Waterfall and nature mural on the front of a local store (photo © BA Street Art)

Dozens of local shops, galleries and bars around the neighbourhood are decorated with murals like this one above featuring a waterfall, nature and a wild cat on the front of Brazilian hotdog restaurant Charles Dog at Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque 97.

Mural by Brazlian artist Enivo (photo © BA Street Art)

Brazilian artist Enivo has painted a crazy character surrounded by hollow bricks which are common in many forms of cheap construction in South America.

Mural by Speto (photo © BA Street Art)

Mural (above) by Brazilian artist Speto on the corner of Rua Gonçalo Afonso and Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque.

A giant koi carp by Kobra in Beco do Batman (photo © BA Street Art)

Also on Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque, is a mural featuring three Koi carp painted by Eduardo Kobra. The fish represent Japanese tradition and the artwork was painted to celebrate 100 years of Japanese immigration to Brazil.

Love is in the air – mural by Wales Kanomura (photo © BA Street Art)

One mural that seems to be popular for selfies and couples feeling romantic is a mural decorated with hundreds of hearts on the corner of Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque and Rua Harmonia. It was painted by Wales Kanomura and she’s called the artwork ‘Portal of Love’.

Street art & stalls selling artisan goods in Beco do Batman (photo © BA Street Art)

Street vendors also set up numerous tables and stands in front of the murals selling souvenirs, jewellery and artisan goods. No doubt, Beco de Batman has become a bit of a tourist trap, and a lot of quality street art can be found away from the crowds all around Vila Madalena.

Vila Madalena

Mural by Gerson ArtVida in Vila Madalena (photo © BA Street Art)

Around Sao Paulo Cemetery, its high walls offer canvases for street artists to paint. Horacio Lane is a good spot to check out murals with different themes relating to indigenous culture, nature plus cartoon characters.

Jaguar mural by Milla Assumpção (photo © BA Street Art)

Brazlian street artist Milla Assumpção has painted a striking mural by the cemetery of a jaguar peering through jungle flora.

Hummingbird mural by unknown artist in Vila Madalena (photo © BA Street Art)

Sculpture Os Candangos by Bruno Giorgi & famous painting Abaporu by Tarsila do Amaral on shutters

A mural on the shutters of an art gallery on Rua Luis Murat depicts the famous oil painting ‘Abaporu’ created by Brazilian artist Tarsila do Amaral in 1928 that was later acquired by MALBA museum in Buenos Aires. Also painted on the persianas is the iconic sculpture named ‘Os Candangos’ by Bruno Giorgi that is located in the Brazilian capital Brasilia.

Mural by Brazilian artist Éder Oliveira in Vila Madalena (photo © BA Street Art)

Some large scale murals can also be seen around Vila Madalena. This one (above) entitled ‘Why is the water red?’ by Brazilian artist Éder Oliveira features a bird’s eye view of a boat.

Nego Vila

Mural by Chivitz calling for justice for Nego Vila (photo © BA Street Art)

Many murals and tributes to Nego Vila can be found on the walls of Beco do Batman and Vila Madalena. They relate to the murder of Wellington Copido Benfati, known as Nego Vila, on 28th November 2020. Nego Vila was shot by a policeman in front of local store Royal Bebidas in Vila Madalena. After the tragedy, street artists and graffiti artists painted many walls around Beco do Batman black as a homage to the 40-year-old artist and skateboarder.

Portrait of Nego Vila with spray can & graffiti letters (photo © BA Street Art)

Police sergeant Ernest Decco Granaro was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the murder of  Nego Vila in 2022. According to witnesses, Granaro shot Nego Vila when he was lying on the ground, with no chance to defend himself following an argument.

Mural featuring Nego Vila’s name on dark sunglasses (photo © BA Street Art)

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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