Juli Bussot new mural in Caballito, Buenos Aires

Juli Bussot has painted a spectacular new mural in Caballito, Buenos Aires. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

Portrait of girl smelling sunflowers by Juli Bussot (photo © BA Street Art)

The Argentine street artist is well-known for her stunning murals of realistic portraits as well as plants and animals.

Mega macaw (photo © BA Street Art)

Juli finished the mural two weeks ago and the theme relates to nature with a portrait of a young girl enjoying smelling a bunch of flowers. Also included in the composition are different birds including a big parrot, a butterfly, giant sunflowers, plants and other flowers.

The mural measures 60m x 6m (photo © BA Street Art)

The huge artwork measures 60 metres in length by 6 metres in height and is the biggest mural Juli has painted to date.

‘Grow, flourish and fly’ (photo © BA Street Art)

The mural mural includes the phrase: “Grow, Flourish, Fly” relating to nature, birds and mankind.

Bird and giant sunflower (photo © BA Street Art)

Branching out (photo © BA Street Art)

Details of girl with flowers (photo © BA Street Art)

Flower power and butterfly (photo © BA Street Art)

New streetscape in Caballito (photo © BA Street Art)

You can check out the new mural in Caballito on the corner of Rojas y Tres Arroyos.

All photos by © Buenos Aires Street Art

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