Ciudad Cultural Konex gets new mural by Mabel Vicentef

Mabel Vicentef has painted a beautiful new mural at Ciudad Cultural Konex . It relates to suitcases and nature. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art & AkzoNobel.

New mural at Ciudad Cultural Konex (photo © BA Street Art)

The eye-catching artwork covers a wall surface of 260 metres in the central courtyard at the cultural centre in the Abasto neighbourhood (Sarmiento 3131). Ciudad Cultural Konex hosts theatre performances, art exhibitions, live concerts and is well-known for its popular Monday night percussion show Bomba del Tiempo.

Travel and nature (photo © AkzoNobel)

The composition of the mural by Mabel Vicentef features a girl sitting on top of a pile of luggage above an open suitcase that reveals a mountain scene with trees and houses inside. The background is a natural setting with clouds, flying birds and colour.

Boxing clever (photo © BA Street Art)

Mabel explained: “The kick-off was the idea of ​​making a box, because every time I go to Konex I imagine a box where many things happen, in the transformation of the sketches the box becomes turns into suitcases. Each suitcase represents different things, some are opened, others are closed. Stages begin and end.”

Suitcases (photo © BA Street Art)

“In the background the birds represent everything that goes and comes, my works always have a part inspired by nature,” added Mabel. “I try not to give a closed significance about my creations because I believe the contribution that the viewer makes when observing the artwork is very important and gives it another meaning, and in turn generating their own stories according to the interpretation that each person wants to give it, which are sometimes much better than what the artist thought.”

Presence of nature (photo © BA Street Art)

Noel Yolis, Konex Programming Manager, said:“We chose Mabel because her work challenges us every time we see it. Her murals, they are mostly inhabited by women painted realistically, with looks and genuine gestures, but we are also touched by the worlds she creates full of fantasy and always with a strong presence of nature. Tints both modern and ancient can coexist in their murals.”

Argentine street artist Mabel Vicentef (photo © AxzoNobel)

Mabel is one of five artists, all women, who have painted new murals around Abasto as part of an ongoing project organised by the City Government Ministry of Culture, together with local residents, to help transform the neighbourhood through urban art. AxzoNobel is sponsoring the scheme and has so far donated 671 litres of paint towards the initiative that will see more murals, sculptures and poems decorate a new ‘cultural corridor’ between Abasto Shopping Centre and Parque de la Estación.

Finished mural at Ciudad Cultural Konex (photo © AkzoNobel)

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art & AkzoNobel

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