Guatemala City street art – best murals & graffiti around the city

Guatemala City isn’t the first city in Latin America you’d associate with street art and graffiti but there are some decent artworks to be found around town. Matt from Buenos Aires Street Art visited the city a few weeks ago and took these photos.

Mural featuring Mayan god and animals by artists including Sharty One & Andrea Lopez (photo © BA Street Art)

Zona 13

On the way to La Aurora International airport is Zoologico Aurora or Guatemala city zoo, the walls around the complex have been painted by different street artists with themes relating to animals and wildlife The mural project called ‘Arte en el Zoo’ organised by Bonito Mi Barrio that has had several editions with up to 40 artists painting.

Panda & other animals painted by Niber (photo © BA Street Art)

Checkmate – monkey mural by Rodristoteles (photo © BA Street Art)

Animals in extinction (photo © BA Street Art)

Mural by Carlos Chali with jaguar, manatees & quetzal (photo © BA Street Art)

Zona 4

Murals in Zona 4 (photo © BA Street Art)

Zona 4 is an area that has become more gentrified over the last few years with new bars, coffee shops and restaurants. Many of these local businesses have had their shutters and fronts painted with murals and graffiti.

Bar 14 Grados decorated with a mural by Mario Lanz (photo © BA Street Art)

Graffiti piece at Mercado 24 restaurant (photo © BA Street Art)

Artworks by Birdaz & Ruido (photo © BA Street Art)

Octopus mural by Chaiana Art (photo © BA Street Art)

Monkey with headphones by Dr Souler (photo © BA Street Art)

Cartoon character & graffiti by Japyners (photo © BA Street Art)

More cartoon characters & graffiti in Zona 4 (photo © BA Street Art)

Man sleepy rough in front of graffiti by VITC crew (photo © BA Street Art)

We did see a lot of homeless people sleeping rough in Guatemala City.

Estadio Doroteo Guamuch Flores

National Stadium Doroteo Guamuch Flores in Guatemala City (photo © BA Street Art)

The national sports stadium named after Doroteo Guamuch Flores, winner of the 1952 Boston Marathon, on Avenida 10A is a good place to see graffiti and street art with a number of artworks related to the Olympic Games and sport.

Cartoon boxers artwork by Mr Crazy Man close to Flores stadium (photo © BA Street Art)

Cartoon characters holding the Olympic torch close to Estadio Nacional Flores (photo © BA Street Art)

Erick Barrondo silver medal winner (photo © BA Street Art)

Erick Barrondo who won Guatemala’s first Olympic medal in 2012 in London, taking silver in the 20km race walk.

Boxers by Renata Faggioly & artwork by MBK (photo © BA Street Art)

Mayan ruins at Tikal in Guatemala (photo © BA Street Art)

The most popular tourist attraction in Guatemala is the archeological site at Tikal with its Mayan ruins. The famous Great Jaguar temple also features in plenty of murals around the country including one at La Aurora Guatemala City International Airport.

Mural of Tikal ruins at La Aurora Guatemala City International Airport (photo © BA Street Art)

Great Jaguar Temple in Tikal national park (photo © BA Street Art)

View from Temple IV that featured in Star Wars (photo © BA Street Art)

Tikal also featured in the movies Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, & the James Bond film Moonraker.

Mural of a quetzal in Guatemala City Airport (photo © BA Street Art)

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