Istanbul street art and graffiti in Turkey – the best murals around the city

Istanbul is a great city to check out street art and graffiti and quality murals can be found on both sides of the Bosphorus as Matt Fox-Tucker of Buenos Aires Street Art found out.

istanbul hagia sophia bosphorus view boat trip cruise tourism blue mosque sunset atardacer street art graffiti

Istanbul sunset with view from The Bosphorus towards Hagia Sophia


The neighbourhood of Kadiköy on the Asian side of the Bosphorus is perhaps best known for its fish market and street side restaurants. It’s much more chilled and cheaper than the European side of Istanbul and much closer than you might think to the tourist sites of Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar with good transport links on the metro and ferry. If you are staying on the European side of the Bosphorus in Sultanahmet, it’s easy to take the metro from Sirkeci and get off at at Ayrilik Çesmesi or Kadiköy station to check out the murals nearby along with plenty of sleeping cats that can be found all over the neighbourhood!

Mural by Lonac at Rasimpasa Mahallesi Kirmizikusak No 17

Mural Istanbul Festival has been inviting and sponsoring international street artists to paint murals in the city since 2012 with the likes of Aryz, Fintan Magee, Herakut, Inti and Pixel Pancho all leaving their mark on the Turkish capital. This mural (above) by Lonac from Croatia entitled ‘Intermission’ was painted in 2018.

inti istanbul mural festival turkey graffiti street art urban art resistencia apple manzana arte urbano

Mural by Inti at Macit Erbudak Sokak No 35

Chilean street artist Inti visited Istanbul in 2013 and painted a mural entitled ‘Resistencia’ or ‘Resistence’ no doubt referring to the political situation in the country at the time. The artwork has faded a little as you might expect but still looks impressive.

WD mural istanbul turkey graffiti street art festival kadikoy

Mural by WD at Rasimpasa Mahallesi Mühendis Sari Ali Sokak No 24

Mural by Indonesian street artist WD called ‘Sunbathing’ depicts a girl surrounded by giant sunflowers and gazing up at the sky with some fantastic 3-D details. This one was painted at the end of 2019 so lucky to see it a few weeks after it was finished.

arlin tiger mural istanbul kadikoy turkey mural festival street art urban art graffiti tigre

Mural by Arlin Graff at Kır Kahvesi Sokagi. No 31

On the opposite side of the street is a mural by Brazilian street artist Arlin featuring a growling tiger that was painted during Mural Istanbul Festival in 2018.

fintan magee mural istanbul kadikoy turkey buckets baldes urban art festival

Mural by Fintan Magee at 10 Nakil Sk.

Australian street artist Fintan Magee came to Istanbul in 2017 and painted a striking mural entitled ‘Pray for Rain’ depicting a group of young people holding buckets. The artworks relates to climate change and is a reference to the artist’s hometown of Brisbane when water restrictions were imposed following a severe drought in the city in 2008, hosepipes were banned and local residents were forced to shower using buckets. Turkey and the Middle East was also experiencing a drought at the same time.

pixel pancho mural istanbul kadikoy street art festival graffiti turkey

Mural by Pixel Pancho at 32 Reşit Efendi Sk

Mural by Italian street artist Pixel Pancho entitled ‘Bambino’ meaning ‘Kid’ painted in 2012.

franco fasoli jaz istanbul mural turkey street art artista graffiti turquia

Franco Fasoli (Jaz) at 60 Iskele Sokak

The mural entitled entitled ‘One against One’ painted by Argentine street artist Jaz in 2012 overlooks a car park. The Argentine street artist, now based in Spain, uses symmetry that is common in many of his works reflecting two Turkish horsemen fighting one another.

sepe chazme mural istanbul turkey common experience street art festival turquia arte urbano graffiti

Mural by Polish street artists Sepe and Chazme at 2 Talimhane Sk

Polish street artists Sepe and Chazme painted this mural (above) in 2014 for the Common Experience.

m city street artist poland mural istanbul karakoy ufo cars space invader

Mural by M City at 5 Talimhane Sk.

A few metres away across the parking lot at 5 Talimhane Sk is a monochrome mural by M-City depicting a UFO lifting up police cars from the ground using a tractor beam.

alex maksiov mural istanbul kadikoy turkey bird pajaro ave

Alex Maksiov mural at Osmanaga Mahallesi Talimhane Sokak No 2.

Mural by Alex Maksiov painted in 2018 in Kadiköy featuring a seagull makes this square a great spot for street art with three large scale murals in the same location.

kadikoy street art istanbul murals graffiti tour the writer material blek brot odin

The Writer Material crew at 43 Reşit Efendi Sk.

Another mural a few blocks away featuring nature and birds can be seen a couple of blocks away painted by The Writer Material crew in 2016.

bird of paradise mural greenpeace kadikoy istanbul turkey

Mural sponsored by Greenpeace on the front of a cafe in Kadiköy

The neighbourhood of Kadiköy is showing signs of gentrification in the last few years with more and more cafes, bars, guesthouses and small hotels opening up. A number of the local bars have also commissioned murals adding more colour to the streetscape.

aryz mural istanbul turkey spain barcelona street artist

Mural by Aryz at Sarraf Ali Sokak 21

Spanish painter of walls Aryz painted a mural featuring a labyrinth of tubes and pipes that relates to a series of painting he was creating in 2015 before also painting a wall in Málaga, Spain.

artez mural istanbul kadikoy book libro portrait street art graffiti

Mural by Artez painted in 2018 featuring a character reading a book

galata tower bridge istanbul turkey turquia tourism barco boat trip bosphorus

View towards Karaköy from Galata Bridge


Across the Bosphorus is the neighbourhood of Karaköy. The area closest to the sea front is fast becoming gentrified with a number of new boutique hotels under construction but there are still enough abandoned buildings and quiet streets to offer inviting canvases for street artists to spray their colours on.

umbrellas roof installation street art istanbul karakoy hoca tahsin turkey turquia

Umbrella art on Hoca Tahsin Street

If you want to escape the din of the drilling and building work in Karaköy, a couple of blocks away is Hoca Tahsin street. It’s an oasis of bars, cafes and restaurants and a cool art installation of umbrellas makes the street once known as Semsiyeli Sokak one of the most colourful outdoor spaces in the city.

Kobra istanbul karakoy mural indigenous person warrior portrait street art graffiti colours

Mural inside a bar in Karaköy

There are dozens of artworks painted on the shutters of local shops and cafes and along the alleyways and cobbled streets. Some of the murals have been commissioned by bar owners incorporating logos and hashtags. It’s a cool spot and definitely worth a visit.

graffiti tour istanbul karakoy mural street art indigenous person warrior portrait street art graffiti colours

Mural outside Federal Coffee Company

frida kahlo mural istanbul karakoy graffiti art bar cafe restaurant nightlife tourism turkey turquia

Frida Kahlo mural by Highero at Murakip Sokagi 1

Cat mural dediler geldik karakoy gatos istanbul turkey graffiti tour street art glasses gato cats

Cat mural in Karaköy by Dediler and Geldik

aerosol art installation alley way street istanbul karakoy mural graffiti cans spray turkey

Aerosol alley – installation made from used spray cans at Murakip Sokagi 15

girl power feminisim spray art high hero aerosol cartoon character women highero istanbul karakoy turkey turquia arte urbano

Girl power – cartoon character by Highero

Cartoon characters painted with spray by Turkish street artist Highero can be found all over Karaköy.

istanbul street art turkey karakoy stencil graffiti tour guide

Heartworks by Dope

graffiti tour spray artist istanbul karakoy graff turkey turquia letras letters piece high hero

Another detailed artwork featuring a cool cartoon character by Highero

panda street art leo lunatic istanbul turkey graffiti urban art festival karakoy

Panda power by Leo Lunatic


The Galata district in Karaköy is famous for its tower that is one of the most striking landmarks in Istanbul.

galata tower istanbul turkey tourism torre turquia at night noche artesan fair souvenirs

Galata Tower

Around the cobbled streets and the steps on the climb up to Galata Tower, the souvenir shops, walls and alleyways have been sprayed with graffiti and stencils.

istanbul street art turkey karakoy stencil graffiti tour guide

Stencil on an electrical box by Guate Mao in Galata

maria bedoian istanbul DEPO building tophane galata artista argentine artist mural torre tower babel turkey turquia

Mural by Argentine artist Maria Bedoian at Lüleci Hendek Cadesi No 12

Argentine artist Maria Bedoian painted a mural in 2015 on the side of the DEPO building entitled ‘Grandchildren, Roots’ that features a Tower of Babel and the roots of a tree intertwined with staircases. Bedoian was invited to paint the mural by the contemporary art space and said it relates to: “a tower that nurtures cosmopolitanism, with all its richness and dislocations.” Also a great little cafe / restaurant next to the mural called ‘Falls in Galata’.


graffiti train illegal painting bombs carriage metro turkey

Metro train painted by graffiti artists

Istanbul also seems to have a big illegal graffiti scene and you might see a number of metro trains that have been bombed.

Being a huge city with a population of more than 15 million, Istanbul is too big to explore and photograph in a couple of days. If you have checked out any other cool murals and graffiti in other districts, please let us know. Also check out our guides about street art in different cities around the world here.

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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