Belfast political murals and propaganda relating to the Northern Ireland conflict

The political murals and propaganda on the streets of Belfast reveal a fascinating story about the Northern Ireland conflict and the religious and sectarian divisions between the Loyalist and Republican communities, as Matt Fox-Tucker of Buenos Aires Street Art found out.

Both the Protestant UK Unionist population and the Catholic Irish Republican community have used propaganda on the walls of Belfast to express their contrasting views.

gerry adams sinn fein mural IRA belfast northern ireland republican protest mural tour propaganda peace

Pro-Republican mural supporting Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams in Ballymurphy

Ballymurphy, West Belfast

In the district of Ballymurphy, West Belfast, there are various pro-Republican murals supporting the IRA and also referring to the ‘Ballymurphy Massacre’ in August 1971 when 10 civilians were killed by British Army paratroopers.

ballymurphy IRA mural jim bryson paddy mulvenna gable republican volunteers propaganda

Pro-Republican dedicated to IRA victims Jim Bryson & Paddy Mulvenna at 101 Ballymurphy Road

Pro-IRA mural (above) featuring Jim Bryson and Paddy Mulvenna, Gerry Adams’ brother-in-law, who were ambushed and killed by soldiers from the Royal Green Jackets regiment in August 1973 in Ballymurphy.

IRA mural belfast political graffiti propaganda bobby mcCrudden pray for us & erin northern ireland conflict

Pro IRA mural dedicated to 3 victims of The Troubles on Divismore Way

Another political mural in Ballymurphy pays tribute to three IRA volunteers Bobby McCrudden, Mundo O’Rawe and Pearse Jordan who were shot dead by an undercover Royal Ulster Constabulary Unit on the Falls Road in 1992.

Falls Road, West Belfast

bobby sands mural falls road belfast hunger striker catholic IRA republican mural prisoner

Political mural dedicated to Bobby Sands at on Sevastopol Street and corner of Falls Road

One of the most iconic political murals that represents the Republican cause is that of Bobby Sands at 49 Falls Road and the corner of Sevastopol Street. Sands was an IRA volunteer and hunger striker who died while in the Maze Prison in Belfast. He was the leader of the 1981 Hunger Strike, in which Irish Republican prisoners protested against the removal of their Special Category Status claiming they were political prisoners. During his 66-day strike Sands was elected as a member of the UK Parliament as an Anti H-Block/Armagh Political Prisoner candidate. Sands was also portrayed by actor Michael Fassbender in the 2008 movie Hunger.

Bobby Sands IRA mural final salute mural may 1981 south tyrone

Political mural depicting the funeral of IRA volunteer Bobby Sands

Sands, who was also the MP for Fermanagh South Tyrone, was buried on 7th May 1981 at Milltown Cemetery, West Belfast. More than 100,000 people lined the route of the funeral procession. This political mural (above) remembers the 30th anniversary of Sand’s death.

blanket man kieran nugent belfast mural tour northern ireland political graffiti propaganda

Political mural paying tribute to blanket man Kieran Nugent on Rockville Street

Just off the Falls Road on Rockville Street is a political mural immortalising Kieran Nugent know as ‘the first blanketman’. Nugent was one of 399 Republican prisoners or ‘blanketmen’ in the Maze Prison in Belfast who had been protesting since 1976, wearing nothing but a blanket after the British Government abolished special status for people convicted of terrorist offences. The Irish nationalists maintained that they were political prisoners, fighting a war of independence, and not common criminals. They claimed that this status exempted them from wearing prison uniforms and excused them from prison work.

falls road belfast mural easter uprising rebellion repubican beechmount crescent eiri amach na casca

Republican mural on Beechmount Avenue off Falls Road depicting the Easter Rebellion

The Easter Rising, also known as the Easter Rebellion, was an armed insurrection in Ireland during Easter Week, April 1916. The Rising was launched by Irish republicans to end British rule in Ireland

belfast mural republican propaganda stormont parliament on fire IRA northern ireland

Pro-Republican mural on corner of McQuillan Street and Falls Road

A pro-Republican mural shows a phoenix rising from the flames of Irish parliament building in Stormont that is surrounded by British armed vehicles, artillery and troops.

belfast protestant mural political paramilitary UVF east battalion tour ulster

Mural dedicated to Ulster Voluntary Force on Lower Newtownards Road, East Belfast

East Belfast

In East Belfast, along Lower Newtownards Road a pro paramilitary mural is dedicated to the East Belfast Battalion of the Ulster Defence Force showing two soldiers wearing balaclavas holding automatic rifles saying: “The right if you are attacked to defend yourself”.

east belfast battalion victims political mural propaganda northern ireland balaclavas machine guns sectarian protestant

Political mural paying tribute to victims from the East Belfast Battalion

Political mural supporting the Ulster Freedom Fighters (East Belfast Brigade), the paramilitary arm of the Ulster Defence Association, both now defunct.

UVF mural ulster east belfast northern ireland troubles propaganda murales

Tribute to Ulster Voluntary Force

The Ulster Voluntary Force conducted an armed campaign for 24 years during the Troubles and was reportedly responsible for the deaths of over 400 individuals.

UDA mural robert dougan ulster protestant propaganda belfast northern ireland irlanda del norte politica guerra conflicto mural

Political mural in memory of Robert Dougan of the South Belfast Brigade

Leading loyalist Robert Dougan was shot down on 10th February 1998. Dougan was a member of the Ulster Defence Association who accused the IRA of carrying out his murder.

Political mural protestant ulster defence force UDF belfast UFF ulster freedom fighters

Political mural dedicated to U.D.A and U.F.F

unionist mural loyalist propaganda tour northern ireland ulster east belfast

Unionist mural in East Belfast

A pro-unionist mural on Lower Newtownards Road in East Belfast reads: “The Ulster conflict is about nationality. This we shall maintain”, with flags of Ulster, England, United Kingdom, Scotland and Wales.

loyalist mural belfast bombing 1969 summer of 69 shankill estate protestant

Loyalist mural on on Hopewell Crescent remembering 1969 bombings

Shankill Road

There are a number of pro-Loyalist murals along Shankill Road and off Shankill Parade. One mural on the Shankill Estate remembers the IRA bombings during the summer of 1969 and shows two boys standing in front of of their homes that have been destroyed.

protestant mural belfast william of orange battle of the boyne william III july 1690

Pro protestant mural commemorating the Battle of the Boyne and ‘King Billy’

Sandy Row

In Sandy Row in south Belfast, the pro-Loyalist and protestant area of Belfast a political mural commemorates the Battle of the Boyne that took place on 12th July 1690 and the victory of Protestant King William of Orange over Catholic King James II, which started the protestant ascendancy in Ireland.

william III protestant mural sandy row belfast 1690 battle of the boyne mural tour northern ireland

Political mural featuring William of Orange

Another pro-protestant mural in North Belfast featuring William of Orange on horseback and the date 1690 commemorating the Battle of the Boyne.

International Wall on Divis Street

On the junction of Divis Street and Northumberland Road is located one of the city’s most visited political mural sites often referred to as the ‘International Wall’. Several of the murals are now more politically correct relating to human rights, world peace and the environment. Several portraits have been painted of world leaders, freedom fighters and peace campaigners such as Frederick Douglass, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther-King, Barack Obama and Bob Marley.

martin luther king frederick douglass barack obama belfast international peace wall northern ireland world leaders pacificists political prisoners

Mural featuring peace campaigners such as Frederick Douglass, Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley and Barrack Obama

Nelson Mandela mural belfast peace wall northern ireland republican loyalist propaganda

Another mural featuring Nelson Mandela

In an Orwellian revision of Irish history, IRA hunger-strikers and convicted killers have also been mixed in appearing alongside world leaders and peace campaigners on the International Wall.

international peace wall belfast northern ireland tour political propganda murals francis hughes IRA republican street art

Political mural depicting IRA volunteer Francis Hughes on Northumberland Street

Political mural on Northumberland Street featuring Francis Hughes who led one of the most feared IRA units of the 1970s that was responsible for scores of murders, and planted booby-trap bombs. Hughes himself was suspected of killing more than 20 people including 10-year-old Lesley Gordon and her father William, a soldier in the Ulster Defence Regiment.

peace wall belfast easter uprising stormont republican mural kieran nugent ireland falls road

Pro-Republican mural on Divis Street featuring the Easter Rising

Pro-Republican mural on Divis Street mixed in between more political correct murals promoting peace that reveals a timeline of events that led to the 1916 Easter Rising, an armed insurrection led by Irish Republicans with the aim of ending British rule in Ireland.

george best mural belfast northern ireland manchester united sandy row football

George Best mural on Blythe Street

Sporting icons

A number of sectarian murals around Belfast have also been replaced in recent years by more politically correct artworks relating to famous Northern Ireland sportsmen such as George Best, David Healy and Rory McIlroy.

belfast mural northern ireland football mural Gareth McAuley euro 2016 france

Mural celebrating Northern Ireland’s qualification for Euro 2016 on Carnforth Street

Mural featuring midfielder Gareth McAuley after his goal helped Northern Ireland qualify for the knockout stage of Euro 2016 with a 2-0 win over Ukraine.

patrick o'connell belfast mural celtic manchester united paddy messi mural west belfast ireland

Mural dedicated to footballer Patrick O’Connell on Whiterock Road, West Belfast

On Whiterock Road, West Belfast is a mural dedicated to Patrick O’Connell that also features Lionel Messi. O’Connell played for Belfast Celtic, Manchester United, Sheffield Wednesday and Hull City. He also captained Ireland before a managerial career in Spain, where in 1935 he led Real Betis FC of Seville to its one and only La Liga title. That landed him the manager’s job at Barcelona as the Spanish Civil War broke out in 1936. With General Franco intent on destroying the famous Catalan club, O’Connell’s decision to take his team on a tour of North America generated the crucial funds needed to keep it afloat.

Rory McIlroy mural belfast holyland gable northern ireland golfer golf street art

Mural of Northern Ireland golfer Rory McIlroy in Holyland, South Belfast.

Mural of Northern Ireland golfer Rory McIlroy in Holyland, South Belfast painted by local artist Danny Devenny. The mural has faded having been painted in 2012 a few months after McIlroy won his first major championship at the 2011 U.S. Open.

Artwork painted by Dee Craig on junction of Upper Newtownards Road and Connswater Street

Artwork painted in 2017 by local artist Dee Craig entitled ‘Luminaries and Legends’. The creation was painted on parachute cloth on the side of the EastSide Visitor Centre on Upper Newtownards Road. It features legends of East Belfast such as Van Morrison, Chronicles of Narnia author C.S. Lewis, Northern Ireland international footballers George Best and Danny Blanchflower, Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore, and musician David Holmes.

C.S. Lewis

CS Lewis narnia mural belfast northern ireland street art city east belfast

Mural featuring C.S. Lewis, students and children on Newtownards Road, East Belfast

In recent years, several sectarian murals have been replaced by more politically correct ones focusing on diversity, youth, learning, dreams and inspiring messages. This one (above) painted by Dee Craig features children’s author C.S. Lewis with the phrase: “You’re never too old to set another goal or dream another dream”. Elsewhere in the mural are students in the grounds of Queen’s University and a mother and child in front of Belfast City Hall.

lion witch wardrobe narnia cs lewis author books belfast mural street art house gable east belfast northern ireland

Mural dedicated to the C.S. Lewis and his book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in East Belfast

Mural off Upper Newtownards Road dedicated to C.S. Lewis and his book ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’, has replaced a Loyalist mural.

titanic mural belfast northern ireland harland and wolff ship liner boat street art white star line captain

Mural dedicated to The Titanic on corner of Dee Street and Netwownards Road

The Titanic

A number of murals in East Belfast close to the Titanic Quarter are also dedicated to the famous ocean liner and Belfast’s ship-building history. This one on the corner of Newtownards Road and Dee Street. Dee Street led into the Harland and Wolff shipyard where RMS Titanic was built and set said on its fatal maiden voyage.

titanic mural belfast ship of dreams liner built in belfast northern ireland captain street art murales

Ship of Dreams mural at Kennilworth Place, Newtownards Road

Another Titanic mural in East Belfast that has replaced a political mural is on Newtownards Road. It’s entitled ‘Ship of Dreams’ and was painted by artist Ross Wilson with help from pupils from Beechfield Primary School and funded by Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

titanic belfast visitors centre museum norte de irlanda architecture arquitectura museo turismo edificio building

Titanic Belfast – visitors centre and museum

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