New York graffiti artist hits Buenos Aires

New York graffiti artist Trace has been in Buenos Aires and painted a cool new piece with Teko and Lynk on Saturday. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

new york graffiti artist letters piece graff burner buenos aires argentina

Brooklyn graffiti artist Trace

graffiti buenos aires letras piezas graff nueva york brooklyn graffiti

Let us Spray

graffiti new york graffiti writer letters graff burner buenos aires argentina

Trace painting on Saturday

buenos aires graffitero letras pieza grafiti graffiti artista bombing


graffiti argentina fluyo letras style estilo brooklyn nueva york graffiteros pintando


graffiti argentina buenos aires letras piezas graff nueva york Brooklyn

Working on details

Trace found time to join up with the Argentine graffiti artists Teko and Lynk before heading to Uruguay. Was great meeting him and seeing some New York style graff come to BA.

graffiti artists pieces burners bombing buenos aires argentina capital federal pared

Three pieces

graffiti buenos aires letras estilo alto nivel calidad aerosol spray montana


brooklyn graffiti artist new york style graffiti piece grafitero grafiti 3d lettering letters writer

New York Style

buenos aires argentina nueva york brooklyn escritor graffiti


All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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