Soda Stereo mural by Kiki in Buenos Aires

Colombian street artist Kiki (real name Cris Herrera) finished a new mural in Chacarita, Buenos Aires dedicated to the Argentine rock band Soda Stereo a couple of weeks ago. The project was organised by BA Joven.

gustavo cerati mural soda stereo buenos aires street art cris herrera

The mural features a portrait of band leader Gustavo Cerati flanked by Charly Alberti and Zeta Bozio

Kiki told Buenos Aires Street Art: “For me Soda Stereo are one of the benchmarks of music in Latin America when I was growing up and I was really excited by the idea of painting a tribute to the band. The idea is I chose to develop the mural was to represent the band with Latin American vibe and link it a little to what I like to paint that is nature relating to our ancestors and the spiritual world.”

soda stereo band argentina buenos aires arte callejero murales

‘En la Ciudad de la Furia’ with the Obelisco in the background


Kiki added: “I really love the Soda Stereo song ‘En la Ciudad de la Furia’ (‘In the City of Fury’), so I decided to create a fusion between nature and the city with a wild side to it.”

cerati mural buenos aires murales ba urban art

Urban jungle

gustavo cerati cantante argentino buenos aires arte callejero

Tribute to the band


September 4th this month marked the third anniversary of the death of Cerati at the age of 55, after he suffered a stroke four years earlier in Caracas, Venezuela, which resulted in a coma.

gustavo cerati graffiti buenos aires street art mural

The new artwork is located on Cespedes and Giribone in Chacarita


mate argentina bebida drink mural buenos aires

Mural by Juan Carlos Rincón Lobo

Also painted in the new square is a mural by Venezuelan artist Juan Carlos Rincón Lobo dedicated to Argentina and the drink mate.

Photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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