Nina Valkhoff interview about her mural in Buenos Aires

Dutch artist Nina Valkhoff was in Buenos Aires recently and painted a new mural with Lucila Dominguez in Almagro. Nina spoke with Buenos Aires Street Art about her trip to Argentina and the new artwork.

nature mural buenos aires nina valkhoff lucila dominguez

The mural located at Centro Cultural ‘La Huella’ in Almagro took Nina and Lucila nine days to paint in May. (Photo: BA Street Art)

female artist buenos aires nina valkhoff artista netherlands
Nina Volkhoff (Photo: Nina Valkhoff)

“Painting on walls is my passion, and I found a soulmate who understands that like no one else in Lucila,” said Nina who is from Rotterdam in the Netherlands and painted the murals with Argentine artist Lucila Dominguez. “We coincidentally met online and she invited me to come and paint a mural with her in Buenos Aires in May. Of course I had some extra days to explore the city and I loved it. Buenos Aires is such a vibrant city and it’s wonderful to see what a big part street art plays in the streets.”

lechuza arte mural buenos aires arte baires BA Street Art
Compliments (Photo: BA Street Art)

Nina added: “Lucila and I wanted to give a mural to the city of Buenos Aires so we were looking for a great spot, a large wall where a lot of people would be able to see our work and enjoy it. We got many suggestions and we chose this wall because of its great location. It was so much fun to see the buses passing every day and the drivers opening their windows to give us compliments.”

tropical paradise mural buenos aires murales ba
Botanical paradises and animals (Photo: BA Street Art)

“Lucila paints botanical paradises, and I generally focus more on painting animals. We wanted to make something that would express both our passions, and make it into one ‘urban jungle’. Together we made this design which is an ode to both flora and fauna. In my opinion every boring wall could use some wild nature. For me nature is peace and quiet, and just seeing the green plants and the birds already makes me feel more relaxed. It’s nice to think that maybe some other people experience this as well by looking at our wall.”

arte urbano buenos aires nina valkhoff lucila dominguez baires murales
“Urban jungle” (Photo: BA Street Art)

murales ba nina valkhoff lucila dominguez ba street art arte urbano buenos aires
Mural by Nina Valkhoff and Lucila Dominguez in Almagro (Photo: BA Street Art)

Nina works as a full time artist in Rotterdam. As well as painting murals on the interiors of buildings she also decorates leather bags. You can check out more of Nina’s work at

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