Argentina World Cup mural of Maradona and Messi street art

To commemorate the World Cup here is a selection of street art featuring Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi and Kun Aguero from the streets of Buenos Aires. Exclusive photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

world cup maradona mural argentina buenos aires

Maradona mural with the World Cup trophy painted a few weeks before World Cup 2014 (photo: Miguel Babjaczuk)

Stencil of Messi in Palermo

Paste up of Messi in Palermo Soho

messi graffiti mural argentina world cup street art buenos aires

Stencil of a young Messi in Villa Crespo

aguero argentina world cup mural street art buenos aires

Artwork using newspaper featuring Argentine striker Kun Aguero for Nike ad

world cup mural argentina maradona buenos aires martin ron

Maradona Hand of God mural by Emy Mariani, Lean Frizzera and Martin Ron in Palermo

argentina world cup street art mural guachito ©

‘Guachito Kill’ stencil mocking the official World Cup 1978 mascot ‘Gauchito’

The 1978 World Cup was held in Argentina during the military dictatorship but the mascot showed a different image to the world.

argentina world cup stencil street art buenos aires mundial 1978

‘Inmundo 78’ meaning ‘filthy’ relating to the 1978 World Cup held in Argentina during ‘El Proceso’

Argentina defeated the Netherlands 3-1 in the 1978 World Cup Final that was played in El Monumental Stadium just a few blocks away from the ESMA (Navy Petty Officers’ School of Mechanics) where civilians were imprisoned, tortured and killed during the dictatorship.

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All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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