THEIC and Fitz paint new mural in San Telmo

THEIC and Fitz were in Buenos Aires last week and have painted a cool new mural called ‘Latin Power’ in San Telmo. Exclusive photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

colectivo licuado fitz theic buenos aires san telmo street art graffiti argentina

El Poder Latino (Latin Power)

colectivo licuado argentina buenos aires theic fitz murales graffiti uruguay

Poder Latino

The new intervention includes a dustbin that has been painted to form part of the composition

colectivo licuado street art uruguay montevideo buenos aires muralismo argentina

Uruguayan artists paint house

The Uruguayan artists THEIC and Fitz found time to paint this new collaboration on an old house in San Telmo.

colectivo licuado buenos aires street art graffiti argentina

Old building along Balcarce Street

colectivo licuado theic arte urbano montevideo uruguay buenos aires street art

Another design by THEIC painted last year in Buenos Aires

You can find dozens of murals by THEIC around Montevideo but it appears it’s only the second time the Uruguayan artist has painted in BA.

Colectivo Licuado montevideo uruguay mural artistas theic fitz

Collaboration between Fitz and THEIC (Colectivo Licuado) in Montevideo

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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