Steve Jobs new mural in Buenos Aires

New portrait of Steve Jobs finished this week in Buenos Aires by artist Mario Calvo. The portrait of the Apple boss has been painted on the front of an advertising agency in Palermo and took Mario five days to paint.

New mural of Steve Jobs by Mario Calvo in Palermo, Buenos Aires

steve jobs graffiti apple founder buenos aires street art mario calvo buenosairesstreetart.comTribute to Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and chairman, who died aged 56 on October 5th 2011 following a battle against pancreatic cancer.

woonky advertising agency buenos aires argentina steve jobs painting mural buenos aires street art tour mario calvo buenosairesstreetart.comMural in Pasaje Russel

steve jobs mario calvo graffiti buenos aires street art palermo portrait

steve jobs mural buenos aires modelo luciana giannattasio httpswww.facebook.comluxiana.europeosfref=ts

argentine model luciana giannattasio modelo buenos aires argentia steve jobs httpswww.facebook.comluxiana.europeosfref=tsArgentine model Luciana Giannattasio posing up in front of the new mural

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