New collaboration by Malegria, Ene Ene, Pin8 and Asteri

pin8 buenos aires street art

Malegria, Ene Ene, Pin8 and Asteri have just finished a great new collaboration on two sides of an abandoned building in San Telmo.

buenos aires graffiti san telmo abandoned building graffiti tour

New artworks by Malegria, Pin8, Asteri and Ene Ene and old robot by El Odio

malegria buenos aires street art


cat mural san telmo buenos aires street art

Gato de la suerte: Lucky cat by Pin8

murales san telmo buenos aires graffiti

Bright eyes: Asteri, Malegria and Ene Ene

You can check out the interventions on the house at the corner of Chile and Peru streets in San Telmo.

Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art

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