Carlos Gardel in Abasto

Today is the anniversary of the death of Carlos Gardel who died in a plane crash on 24 June 1935 in Medellin, Colombia. This stencil of Gardel by graphic designer Pablo Marrone was painted in the barrio of Abasto where the Argentine tango legend grew up.

Carlos Gardel abasto buenos aires murales stencil BA Street Art ToursCarlos Gardel stencil by Pablo Marrone

Carlos Gardel abasto buenos aires street art tour murales stencil estencil

Abasto with Glamour – Tribute to Gardel

The design entitled ‘Abasto con glamour’ was actually produced in 2004 and remarkably it’s still intact. “The front door where I live is right next to the stencil perhaps that’s why it’s still there!, Pablo told me. “It’s of Gardel and I made it as a gift to the barrio.”

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