Mural featuring Jaz and Run Dont Walk in Constitución

Thanks to Esteban Grinberg for sending in these terrific photos from Constitución and Congreso in Buenos Aires. The first two images were painted in a square close to the motorway 9 de Julio and not far from Plaza Constitución. They form part of a giant mural painted by Gualicho, Ever, Run Dont Walk, Stencil Land and Jaz.

Run Dont Walk
Mural featuring Ever and Nemer in Plaza del Congreso

If you’ve taken any great photos of Buenos Aires street art, please email them to us at [email protected] with your name, address, and the location of where the photo was taken and we can then publish them on the website. The winner of the best photo chosen by me that is received between now and midnight on February 28 will win a free copy of Textura Dos. Buena suerte!

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