Thousands of people and militants have been remembering Néstor Kirchner today exactly one year after he died aged 60 following a heart attack. Muralist Marcos Catuares painted a new portrait of the former president in Plaza del Congreso on behalf of the political group ‘Segundo Centenario’ to mark the occasion.

New mural and statue of Kirchner in Plaza del Congreso

A bronze statute of Kirchner created by plastic artist and sculptor Omar Gasparini was also on show in front of the Palacio del Congreso this morning.

Miners of Río Turbio with statue of Néstor

The statue was later carried by the miners of Río Turbio in a procession to Plaza del Mayo followed by members of the public, Kirchnerist groups, militants and party supporters.

Kirchner mural by Catuares in Plaza de Mayo

Catuares also painted another mural of Kirchner in Plaza de Mayo in April to coincide with the sixth month anniversary of Kirchner’s death. Accompaning the portrait is the phrase ‘La vida por su pueblo’, meaning ‘Your life for your people’.

Political portrait in front of La Casa Rosada

Thousands of political posters and graffiti depicting president Cristina Fernandéz de Kirchner and her late husband have also popped up all over the city, as well as more graffiti tributes by political groups.

Kirchner mural in Parque Chacabuco

A number of murals have the phrase KV, an abbreviation for ‘Kirchner Vuelve’ meaning ‘Kirchner will return’.

More Kirchner graffiti in Plaza de Mayo

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A new political mural of Néstor Kirchner has been unveiled in the barrio of Barracas to mark the six month anniversary of his death.

political graffiti Nestor Kirchner mural Buenos Aires street art © buenosairesstreetart.comNew Néstor Kirchner political mural in Barracas

The mural measuring 15 x 4 metres has been painted on a wall under a railway bridge with the slogan “Imposible Apagar Tanto Fuego” (“It’s impossible to turn off so much heat”). It was made in association with the political parties Movimiento Evita Communa 4 and JP Evita, the workshop of the Centro Cultural el Conventillo and the help of local residents in Barracas.

Nestor Kirchner political mural graffiti buenos aires street art © buenosairesstreetart.comUnder the Bridge

The inauguration of the mural was attended by respresentatives from a large number of Kirchnerist groups who are also responsible for painting numerous stencils of Néstor and president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner around Buenos Aires over recent months.

Square in San Telmo

Following Néstor’s death on 27 October 2010 due to heart failure, schools, hospitals, parks, squares, roads and motorways around the country have all been renamed in his honour. Even football, the most hallowed of Argentine institutions, bears his name with this season’s First Division championship officially called the ‘Torneo Clausura 2011 Néstor Kirchner’.