Santos street art in port area by Kobra, Strikerfeno & Jack Lack

Santos in Brazil has seen different street artists painting large-scale murals on silos and buildings in the port area in the last few years. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

Port area in Santos (photo © BA Street Art)

In 2020, Eduardo Kobra painted a mural in 2020 measuring 800m dedicated to Pelé on one side of Centro de Actividades Turísticas de Santos.

Mural by Eduardo Kobra in port area (photo © BA Street Art)

The mural of Pele entitled ‘Corazón Santista’ is inspired by an iconic photo by Luiz Paulo Machado of Pelé during a match between the Brazilian national team and Flamengo, en 1976. It’s one of four images painted on the building. The others are the historic Coffee Museum, a tourist tram, and a worker from the port area.

Santos tourist tram (photo © BA Street Art)

The number 40 electric streetcar dates from 1911 and was redesigned in the 1950s. It can be seen running through the historic center of Santos.

(photo © BA Street Art)

The mural is located in front of the fish market in the Santos port area.

Murals by Strikerfeno painted on silos in Santos (photo © BA Street Art)

In 2023, Brazilian street artist Strikerfeno was hired to paint murals on two huge silos in Santos.’ port. The murals cover a surface are of around 1000m2.

Mural of sea turtle (photo © BA Street Art)

One of the silos painted by Strikerfeno features a huge sea turtle.

Parrot on branch with guava fruit (photo © BA Street Art)

The other silo has a giant mural of a parrot on a branch with a guava fruit.

Silo trail (photo © BA Street Art)

Strikerfeno is known for his murals with realistic portraits and 3D graffiti. The artworks are accompanied by the phrase: “Lugar de bicho é na natureza!” meaning “An animal’s place is in nature”.

Mural by Jack Lack at Terminal XXXIX (photo © BA Street Art)

More murals in the port area featuring animals were painted by German street artist Jack Lack in 2023. They can be found at Terminal XXXIX.

Mural features two tanagers (photo © BA Street Art)

The birds are three green headed tanagers and Strikerfeno painted the mural with the help of Munich-based street artist Fesa.

Birds mural at Terminal XXXIX in Santos (photo © BA Street Art)

The mural entitled ‘Mata Altantica’ relates to the tropical Atlantic forest in the region. Jack was also assisted by Munich-basesd artist Fesa.

Port area in Santos (photo © BA Street Art)

Also around Terminal XXXIX are several smaller artworks depicting native birds and animals from Brazil.

Birds and nature (photo © BA Street Art)

Armadillo artwork (photo © BA Street Art)

Hummingbird (photo © BA Street Art)

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