My Hood Is Good new mural in Buenos Aires

My Hood is Good has been in Buenos Aires and painted two new striking portraits in Puerto Madero. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

New mural by My Hood is Good (photo © BA Street Art)

The Belarussian duo, who specialise in monochrome portraits, has created new eye-catching artworks relating to love. One features a woman with a sad expression holding a man’s face with his eyes covered by a scarf.

The Kiss (photo © BA Street Art)

The second portrait features and a couple kissing . The ensemble is called ‘Que es el amor?’ or ‘What is Love?’

Hyper-realism (photo © BA Street Art)

Monochrome kiss (photo © BA Street Art)

New murals in Puerto Madero by My Hood is Good (photo © BA Street Art)

Buenos Aires Street Art also photographed a stunning mural by My Hood is Good of Uma Thurman’s character The Bride in the Quentin Tarantino movie Kill Bill during a holiday in Canggu, Bali. Check it out here

Buenos Aires Street Art and Graffiti – BA Street Art