Bali street art and graffiti in Canggu

The island of Bali is a great place to check out street art and graffiti with a number of artworks relating to local animals, culture and religion. Buenos Aires Street Art‘s Matt Fox-Tucker was there a few months ago and took these photos.

monkey mural bali canggu indonesia kas street artists

Monkey mural by Portuguese street artist Kas on Jalan Batu Bolong in Canggu (photo © BA Street Art)


Many of the best murals and graffiti on the island are located around Canggu where AllCaps Store teamed up with the foundation PangeaSeed to organise the Tropica Festival in 2017, bringing local and international street artists and graffiti together to paint walls and also raise awareness about environmental issues – in particular the problem of waste and plastic that flow into the ocean harming marine life around the island.

fintan magee canggu bali street art mural inflatable tiger graffiti arte urbano

Mural by Fintan Magee called ‘Girl with Inflatable Tiger’ in Canggu (photo © BA Street Art)

Australian muralist Fintan Magee was invited to Bali to take part in Tropica Festival in 2017. This mural is entitled ‘Girl with Inflatable Tiger’. Fintan Magee also visited Buenos Aires in 2014 and painted a number of murals around the city that were organised by Buenos Aires Street Art (click here).

uma thurman mural kill bill canggu bali street art graffiti my hood is good artist

Mural by My Hood is Good featuring Uma Thurman in the movie Kill Bill (photo © BA Street Art)

AllCaps Park

midas kid allcaps store canggu bali dog mural graffiti gallery indonesia

Swimming dog reaching for a sinking spray can by Midas Kid outside AllCaps Store in Canggu (photo © BA Street Art)

AllCaps are really the go-to guys for street art and graffiti in Bali and have been the force behind a large number of the murals that have been painted around Canggu and at the Tropica Festival. They also run a gallery space and store at Jalan Raya Canggu No 18a selling spray cans, paint, T-shirts and artworks. AllCaps Park behind the store was the main site for many of the murals and pieces painted during Tropica Festival 2017.

peanut dog 235 art canggu graffiti bali street art allcaps park gallery urban art kids

Peanut Dog and 235 at AllCaps Store (photo © BA Street Art)

barong graffiti bali canggu allcaps murales graff urban art

Barong graffiti by Kidney in the middle of some graffiti pieces at AllCaps Park (photo © BA Street Art)

nomad clan monkey street art bali canggu indonesia graffiti art murales

Mural by British artists Nomad Clan painted over (photo © BA Street Art)

bali boys children kids indonesia mural street art graffiti artwork

Mural of Bali boys by Media Legal (photo © BA Street Art)

Many murals and pieces that formed part of the festival were located in a lumber yard behind the store unfortunately the majority were ruined earlier this year. One of the guys at All CapsStore told us that it was due to a disagreement with the site owner that they were trying to resolve. It seems he didn’t want visitors entering the site and taking photographs any more.

Echo Beach

good vibes mural echo beach canggu bali sand graffiti fish

Collaboration between Indonesian artist Arnis Muhammad with Awshit and Kidnēy on Echo Beach (photo © BA Street Art)

Echo Beach was another site at the Tropica Festival with several murals painted there relating to the issue of the marine life and environmental damage. The island of Bali has a huge problem with waste disposal and also many of its beaches have disappeared. I learnt that the many beaches on parts of the eastern coastline near Sanur had eroded in recent years due to local people destroying barrier reefs to use the coral for construction materials.

kelly spencer mural plenty more fish in the sea graffiti canggu echo beach indonesia bali

Mural at Echo Beach by New Zealand artist Kelly Spencer relating to environment damage caused by single use plastic (photo © BA Street Art)

Nelayan Beach

seth globepainter mural bali netayan beach canggu graffiti school girl satchel indonesia

Mural by Seth Globepainter called “After School” (photo © BA Street Art)

French street artist Seth Globepainter visited Bali in 2016 and painted a series of murals at Nelayan fishing village. A number of abandoned fishermen’s shacks and huts near the beach provided an ideal canvas.

seth globepainter street art mural bali indonesia canggu netalayan beach urban art shack but kids

Another mural by Seth however the original door that he painted has been replaced (photo © BA Street Art)

juileta xlf bali mural canggu netalayan fishing village beach shack mural urban art street art mas gaga

Mural by Más Gaga and Julieta XLF painted in 2017 (photo © BA Street Art)

nelayan beach canggu bali sand waves sea fisherman shack hut graffiti street art mural

Fisherman’s hut painted by artist Caratoes at Nelayan Beach (photo © BA Street Art)

Outside Canggu

ganesha bali indonesia graffiti street art sculpture beach canggu

Ganesha graffiti by a rice paddy field (photo © BA Street Art)

canggu dog graffiti mural street art bali indonesia urban art graff

Cartoon dog on this house (photo © BA Street Art)

Around Ubud

Around Ubud there are also some decent murals. Several featuring monkeys, tigers, dragons and Balinese culture.

shaun burner mural ubud bali franki julianna indonesian man portrait street art

Mural by Shaun Burner and Frankie Julianna near Ubud (photo © BA Street Art)

maybe tomorrow mural tiger girl bali street art graffiti skulls ubud indonesia

Tiger girl artwork with skulls on an abandoned building (photo © BA Street Art)

monkeys bali street art mural graffiti kasper cow graff

Surreal artwork by Kasper featuring a monkey and another animal that looks like a cow (photo © BA Street Art)

indonesia dragon bali ubud statue mural ngandang artist

Dragon by Ngandang Band on this shop on the road into Ubud from Denpasar (photo © BA Street Art)

peanut dog mural children girls bus stop indonesia bali ubud artist

Mural by Indonesian artist Peanut Dog featuring local children (photo © BA Street Art)

bali street art tour tourism monkey camera ubud indonesia road trip mural

Roadside artwork of a monkey with camera (photo © BA Street Art)

Monkey Forest

Around the Monkey Forest in Ubud there are also a number of murals featuring monkeys including this one named ‘King of the Bongos’ by one of the entrances.

monkey king mural monkey forest ubud bali indonesia apes

Mural entitled ‘King of the Bongos’ (photo © BA Street Art)

bali monkey forest ubud shaun burner statue door doorway monkeys indonesia urban art graffiti murals

Doorway design and other artworks near Monkey Forest by Shaun Burner (photo © BA Street Art)

sautel cago artist mermaid bali ubud indonesia

Mermaid mural by Sautel Cago (photo © BA Street Art)

Story and all photos © Buenos Aires Street Art.

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