Coetzy and Psyco paint birds mural in Coghlan

Peruvian street artist Psyco and Coetzy from Uruguay teamed up to paint a new mural in Coghlan this week sponsored by Buenos Aires Street Art.

Artists Coetzy & Psyco who were painting at MOS Montevideo (photo © BA Street Art)

The duo were invited to painting at Meeting of Styles graffiti and street art festival in Montevideo, Uruguay this month, and found time for a trip to Buenos Aires to paint.

Coetzy from Montevideo with Pysco from Lima (photo © BA Street Art)

Coetzy is a street artist from Montevideo and specialises painting realistic portraits. Psyco started out painting graffiti in Lima and likes to paint nature, animals and portraits relating to Latin America.

Birds (photo © BA Street Art)

Coetzy and Psyco chose to paint a theme relating to native birds.

More colour comes to Coghlan (photo © BA Street Art)

The artists’ colour and creativity has helped brighten up a grey corner in the Coghlan neighbourhood.

Details with spray (photo © BA Street Art)

The artwork is one of several new murals and graffitis that Buenos Aires Street Art has organised in the last couple of months in the area.

Appreciation by local residents (photo © BA Street Art)

Was great fun spending time with Coetzy and Psyco and seeing them paint such a cool new mural that is already being enjoyed by neighbours and visitors.

Completed mural (photo © BA Street Art)

You can check out more artworks by Coetzy and the_Psyco_01 on their Instagram pages.

Teamwork and fun (photo © BA Street Art)

Project sponsored and organised by Buenos Aires Street Art.

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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