Valencia graffiti and street art – murals in El Cabanyal

The neighbourhood of El Cabanyal in Valencia has some great street art and is well worth a visit. Photos by Matt Fox-Tucker of Buenos Aires Street Art.

hyuro street artist valencia mural street art graffiti murales arte urbano el cabanyal españa spain grafiti tour

Mural by Argentine artist Hyuro close to Valencia-Cabanyal station

El Cabanyal is a working class neighbourhood on the outskirts of Valencia that was once a fishing village. Its characterised by its charm, crumbling buildings decorated with ceramic tiles and proximity to the beach. Its name is derived from the complex of barracks along the coast where the fishermen once used to live.

el cabanyal casas viejas pescadores valencia abandonado playa barrio españa graffiti vandalismo

Run-down houses in El Cabanyal

In 1993, El Cabanyal was declared a site of cultural importance and from 1998 the neighbourhood was threatened by a government project to demolish more than 1,650 houses, including many centuries-old dwellings, to make way for a new avenue along Avenida Blasco Ibáñez. Residents had to survive threats of eviction and the demolition of their homes before a campaign led by local activists managed to block the plan in the courts.

hyuro valencia mural artist street art graffiti fresque murais cabanyal muro españa spain

Hyuro mural relating to conservation v modernisation on Avenida Blasco Ibáñez

Argentine-born artist Hyuro painted this mural on a wall that would have been one of the first to be demolished if the project had gone ahead. It deals with the clash between conservation versus modernisation.

graffiti tour valencia ericailcane erica il cane mural bird animals el cabanyal cabañal murales artista italiano

Brushwork details by Ericailcane

Visiting El Cabanyal at the end of 2019, I was lucky to check out a stunning new mural by Italian artist Ericailcane during the VLC Urban Festival Barris en Moviment.

valencia murals erica il cane rl cabanyal ericailcane street art tour graffiti murales barrio Cabañal valencia Poblados Marítimos

Mural by Italian artist Ericailcane in El Cabanyal

This artwork by Ericailcane appears to show moths catching fire after flying into a flame ascending out of a chimney. It can be found on the corner of Calle del Progreso and Calle de los Pescadores.

cabanyal graffiti valencia street art mural Collettivo XF Nemo Julieta XLF Barbi graffiti colectivo

Collaboration by XLF Collective including Nemo, Julieta XLF and Barbi

A mural by the XLF Collective refers to ‘Passat’, Present and ‘Futur’ also drawing attention to the plight and situation of families living in the area who have been faced with eviction or finding new homes due to rising house prices.

ericailcane mural valencia street art graffiti ilustracion animales grafica erica il cane

Another artwork by Italian street artist Ericailcane

A second mural by Ericailcane featuring a boxing cat wearing a championship belt that includes the inscription “A la intemperie” ‘(To the elements’). Perhaps referring to the struggle of the local residents against the government plans to bulldoze the ‘barrio’.

ericailcane mural el cabanyal valencia fresque murais muro festival arte urbano urban art spain old houses

Ericailcane mural on the side of an old house on Calle de los Pescadores

mother baby mural concreto artista fresque murais valencia street art arte urbano grafiti madre bebe españa

Mural by Spanish artist Concreto at on Calle Jose Benlliure

In the last few years, El Cabanyal has become a hotspot for street art and graffiti thanks to some urban art festivals including Poliniza Dos organised by the Polytechnic University of Valencia inviting international and local artists such as Hyuro, Fran Bosoletti (Argentina) and Lula Goce (Barcelona) to paint murals here.

lula goce artista española barcelona mural en Valencia cabanyal

Mural by Spanish artist Lula Goce (photo © BA Street Art)

Mural painted by Lula Goce at Poliniza Dos street art festival in September 2017.

Francisco Bosoletti muralista artista argentino artist mural valencia el cabanyal figuras retratos barrio españa arte urbano

Mural by Argentine artist Francisco Bosoletti

Argentine artist Francisco Bosoletti also visited Valencia in 2017 and painted this mural entitled ‘Protégeme’ (‘Protect Me’).

murales arte urbano el cabanyal valencia grafiti murais fresque peinture

Mural on Calle Padre Luis Navarro

lolo mural arte urbano artista fishermen valencia cabanyal pescadores arte callejero

Mural by Lolo relating to fishing on Avenida Blasco Ibáñez

Some artists like Lolo have chosen to reflect the history of El Cabanyal in their stencils and designs.

cabanyal barrio valencia españa neighborhood spain mural street art graffiti arte urbano playa nombre name

Lettering with name of the neighbourhood and social housing in Cabanyal

Some parts of the neighbourhood still feel neglected including this huge social housing complex located a few blocks from the beach.

emmeu artist italy italiano mural valencia cabanyal españa spain arte callejero geometria

Geometric design by Italian artist Emmeu on Avenida Blasco Ibáñez opposite mural by Hyuro

dime graffiti valencia freskales soezes graffitero valencia graffiti tour fox zorro letras graffiti caracteres pared el cabanyal lugar abandonado ilegal bombing illegal

Graffiti by Dime, Freskales and Soezes in an abandoned lot

graffiti tour valencia el cabanyal dime yeko drk eseskizo graffiti valencia freskales soezes playa mariscos seafood mar regeneracion españa pobreza

Pieces by graffiti artists including Dime, Freskales Soezes and Yeko

nena wapa wapa mural Día Internacional para Combatir la Violencia contra las Mujeres IgualMent Fest international women's day violence mural cabanyal valencia.jpg

Mural by Nena Wapa Wapa in Plaza de los Angeles

The first edition of the urban art festival VLC Barris en Moviment in 2016 saw murals relating to gender equality painted in the neighbourhoods of Grau as well as Cabanyal. This artwork by Nena Wapa Wapa in Plaza de los Angeles features two children with a wheelbarrow and a giant key in it plus a series of cages with a bird escaping.

igualidad de genero dia de la mujer derechos de la mujer feminina marcha ni una menos igualment fest cabanyal valencia mural iris serrano artista ilustradora

Mural by Iris Serrano relating to women’s rights on Calle Juan de Mercader

Iris Serrano painted a mural during Igualment Fest 2017 with the phrase “Som marea, Som la revolució necessària. (“We are the tide. We are the necessary revolution”.)

lyly artista valencia street art cartoons dibujos caracteres caras

Mural by Lyly painted in October 2019

casa duendes gnomes valencia cabanyal spain garden gnomes ceramic art tour ceramico arte

Window decorated with gnomes

Along and around Calle de Sol there are also a number of cool but smaller artworks including one by Toni Espinar with the message “Love is Respect” as well as a window decorated with gnomes featuring a landscape and woodland.

toni espinar mural valencia Cabañal-Cañamelar love is respect cabanyal

Artwork by Toni Espinar

valencia Cabañal-Cañamelar cabanyal murales arte urbano figuras dibujos tour graffiti playa beach españa

Mini artworks featuring people and cats

Cabañal Cañamelar valencia barrio fotos casas cabanyal viejo mercado mural arte urbano baga y twis street art

Building with blocked up close to Valencia-Cabanyal station with windows painted by Baga & Twis

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All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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