El Recoleta in Buenos Aires painted by street artists

Street artists have painted new artworks at Centro Cultural Recoleta as part of an exhibition called “Viral Mural”. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

El Recoleta gets new look

The main facade of El Recoleta has been given a new look with a mural painted by RojoVivo and illustration by Julio Battistelli. Artists were also invited to create new interventions on the walls of different rooms and corridors inside the cultural centre.

Pum Pum

The artists who took part were Earth Crusher, Doma. Ale Giorgga, Lu Yorlano, Elliott Tupac, Lacast Stencil, Elisa Strada, Fluorencia, Nuria Mora, Tec, Poeta, Malén Pinta, Cabaio, María Noel Silvera, Pum Pum, Unidos Crew, Valeria Calvo, Les Soeurs Chevalme, Jorge Macchi and Florencia Alberti. Curator: Rodrigo Alonso.

Peruvian artist Elliot Tupac

Wagon painted by graffiti artists Unidos Crew

Lacast Stencil



Recycling bin painted by Uruguayan street artist Noe Cor


Movimiento Petrushaus

Unidos Crew

Installation by Séverine Hubard called “El último que apague la luz” (“Last one turn out the light”)

You can check out the new artistic interventions at Centro Cultural Recoleta, Junin 1930.

Photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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