Graffiti artists paint at Central Cutural Recoleta

Graffiti artists Dame, Teko, Dano, Nerf, Cabe and Ice were painting new artworks at the FDL Jam event at Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires Street Art went there to check out the artists in action.

dame graff rock city buenos aires graffiti artista

Dame painting at Centro Cultural Recoleta

Graffiti artists Teko and Cabe


3D graffiti buenos aires argentina BA Street Art

3-D: Nerf painting at Centro Cultural Recoleta


graffiteros buenos aires arte urbano BA Street Art


graffiti buenos aires graffiteros arte callejero capital federal argentina

Patio painted by graffiti artists at Centro Cultural Recoleta

mural break dance hip hop buenos aires CCR BA Street Art

Front of Centro Cultural Recoleta in Buenos Aires

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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