Street artists paint long mural in San Isidro

Nine street artists Apste, Bater, Heis and Tekaz from the THG crew together with Fio Silva, Jean Pier Kings, Jiant, Martin Ron and Rikis completed a long wall in San Isidro last week that measures more than 100 metres

arte urbano argentina graffiti crew thg

The collaborative mural features a portrait of a woman and a series of animals and indigenous characters

Street artist Bater, who organised the project, told BA Street Art: “The mural represents the power of the human and the inner energy, the energy we humans transmit physically and spiritually.” He added: “You can see the eyes of the woman, the intense look she has and the colours which are coming out like an aura. There are also some animals that take us to the metamorphosis of the human being as our pre-Columbian ancestors did.”

arte callejero buenos aires san isidro

Animals and pre-Colombian figures

serpent graffiti rikis chile


buenos aires arte urbano

Inner energy

paredes que hablan buenos aires thg

arte callejero argentina  BA Street Art


arte urbano buenos aires
Photos by Matt Fox-Tucker/BA Street Art

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