Greenpeace Arctic mural in Buenos Aires

Alfredo Segatori and a group of more than 100 volunteers completed a huge new mural in Palermo on Monday night highlighting the environmental damage in the Arctic caused by petrol companies drilling for oil.

greenpeace mural polar bear graffiti buenos aires argentina alfredo segatori greenpeace arte callejero

The mural measuring 30 x 6 metres includes a giant polar bear and an Arctic landscape contaminated by a Shell oil drilling platform. It took the Argentine street artist nicknamed ‘Pelado’ three days to finish with members of  the general public helping paint the artwork.

polar bear graffiti mural buenos aires alfredo segatori muralista ba street art pelado
The project was organised by Greenpeace with murals also being painted in other cities in Argentina including Bahía Blanca, Mendoza, Córdoba, Rosario, Salta, Paraná and Mar del Plata to send a message to Shell that drilling for oil in Alaska will cause untold damage to wildlife and the environment in the Arctic region.

artista alfredo segatori greenpeace shell mural palermo buenos aires

Segatori painting details with aerosol spray on day two of the project

greenpeace argentina buenos aires team polar bear protesta artic shell

Teamwork – Segatori, members of Greenpeace and some of the volunteers who painted the mural

greenpeace argentina mural polar bear artic protesta shell buenos aires

Participation – Volunteers helping to paint the giant mural

polar bear arctic greenpeace mural shell

Progress of mural on the final day

oso polar mural graffiti buenos aires greenpeace artista murales argentina

Call of the wild

shell oil rig greenpeace protest buenos aires mural alfredo segatori

Shell drilling platform and Alfredo Segatori painting details

greenpeace argentina buenos aires artic shell ice caps snow polar bear mural

A volunteer helping paint icebergs and contamination

pelado artista muralista argentino buenos aires graffiti argentina

Artist Alfredo Segatori

oso polar mural buenos aires palermo arte urbano greenpeace
View of the finished mural located on Avenida Juan B. Justo and Nicaragua in Palermo
All photos by Matt Fox-Tucker/BA Street Art

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