Martin Ron new giant mural in Penang, Malaysia

Buenos Aires Street Art teamed up with Hin Bus Depot to organise this mural for Argentine street artist Martin Ron in Malaysia. It’s the biggest mural in Penang and first large scale artwork on the mainland. His trip and the mural projects were organised by Buenos Aires Street Art together with Hin Bus Depot.

martin ron malaysia mural street art penang butterworth

Biggest mural in Penang (Photo: Matt Fox-Tucker/Buenos Aires Street Art)

The huge mural in Butterworth measures 25m x 15m and theme relates to the protection of turtles. Penang is home to the biggest turtle conservation centre in Malaysia within its national park where several different species go to lay their eggs on its beaches.

turtle mural conservation penang malaysia wall art painting mural

Turtles (Photo: Matt Fox-Tucker/Buenos Aires Street Art)

matt gorrick mural penang malaysia martin ron raja uda butterworth graffiti

Out of reach (Photo: Matt Fox-Tucker/Buenos Aires Street Art)

The design features a man stretching out his hand with three baby turtles swimming around him.

penang street art martin ron mural penang malaysia butterworth turtle conservation

Matt Gorrick (Photo: Matt Fox-Tucker/Buenos Aires Street Art)

martin ron street artist penang malaysia

Martin Ron in Malaysia (Photo: Matt Fox-Tucker/Buenos Aires Street Art)

Ron likes to paint large hyper-realistic portraits of ordinary people in 3-D and the central figure is Matt Gorrick, a friend of the artist, who worked as his painting assistant during the project.

martin ron muralist malaysia penang street art

Brush strokes (Photo: Matt Fox-Tucker/Buenos Aires Street Art)

malaysia street art penang martin ron butterworth artista

Local children (Photo: Matt Fox-Tucker/Buenos Aires Street Art)

Portraits of local people from Malaysia also feature in the composition.

graffiti malaysia penang martin ron raja uda mural wall art

Views of the completed mural that is the first of two Martin Ron painted on his trip to Malaysia. (photo: Teo Gregas)

graffiti penang malaysia martin ron butterworth raja uda wall painting

Finished mural (photo: Teo Gregas)

martin ron ernest zacharevic penang malaysia

Collaboration with Ernest Zacharevic

Second mural on Martin’s trip to Malaysia in collaboration with Lithuanian street artist Ernest Zacharevic on the side of this hotel building in Penang

Buenos Aires Street Art organized Martin’s Ron’s trip to Malaysia and the mural projects during his stay that were curated by Hin Bus Depot Art Centre. The mural is located off the main road Jalan Raja Uda in Butterworth about 30 minutes across the bridge from George Town.

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art unless stated otherwise

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