Stinkfish and Nazza Stencil collaboration in Buenos Aires

Stinkfish is in Buenos Aires and the Colombian street artist teamed up with Nazza Stencil to paint this colourful new mural in Congreso a few days ago

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New collaboration between Nazza Stencil and Stinkfish in Congreso

stinkfish nazza stencil mural buenos aires argentina street art tour nazza

The mural project has been organised in relation with Cine Migrante film festival

stinkfish argentina murales arte urbano graffiti buenos aires

The mural is located in Plaza del Congreso in downtown Buenos Aires

stinkfish buenos aires arte callejero nazza

stinkfish buenos aires street art arte urbano

stinkfish argentina graffiti buenos aires

stinkfish nazza stencil buenos aires mural

Photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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