Doel street art in abandoned village in Belgium

Doel is an abandoned coastal village in Belgium 20 miles north of Antwerp that has become home to world famous street artists and graffiti artists.

doel belgica pueblo abandonado

Ghost town – abandoned village of Doel near Antwerp

Most of the inhabitants left before 2000 after they were offered compensation to sell up over plans to turn the 400-year-old village into a new dockyard for the huge port of Antwerp. Some 25 local residents refused to leave their homes and decided to take a stand against the bulldozers.

belgium doel street art roa

Ox by Roa

doel belgium photos map

Doel has been abandoned for 15 years

Campaigners are still fighting to ensure the long-term survival of Doel that dates back to the 17th century. The site has now started to attract tourists, street art fans and photographers. The residents hope that Doel’s growing reputation as a haven for local and international street artists like Roa will help ensure its survival.

doel belgium abandoned village beveren graffiti

Empty streets with village’s only pub

There are no shops to buy groceries, only a local pub with a few chairs outside plus an artists’ residence remain. There are no public transport links to the village, the only way to get there is by car or taxi. In the distance are the silhouettes of giant cranes that load shipping containers onto the huge tankers and cargo ships, while smoke bellows out of the cooling towers of a power plant. After dark, the police blockade the main road into the village so traffic cannot enter.

street art doel belgium port abandoned village

Apocalypse bride

Doel’s empty streets make it feel like the location for a zombie movie.

belgium street art doel roa graffiti town

High Street with boarded up buildings and giant rat by Roa

street art belgium roa animals art doel

Rat by Roa

Numerous animals by Belgian painter Roa can be found on the brickwork of the knocked down outbuildings, barns and shells of boarded-up houses.

roa doel belgium street art antwerp


doel street art roa belgium


roa belgium doel graffiti animals

House with another bird by Roa

roa doel belgium graffiti town abandoned HDA crew

Roa with HDA

rabbit conejo graffiti street art mural buenos aires beveren doel belgium


Cartoon characters decorate the walls of a few cul-de-sacs. Stencils, tags and throw-ups can be found on nearly every building.

doel belgium antwerpen steet art buenos aires street

Artworks by Belgian street artists Resto and Bue

graffiti street art belgium doel pueblo abandonado

Portrait by Psoman

beveren street art belgium

doel photos map graffiti roa belgium

All that is left of the small community are quiet streets lined with an abandoned buildings such as a school, a church, a petrol station, dozens of vacant houses, shops and buildings with broken and boarded-up windows and doors with their walls and interiors covered with graffiti and murals.

graffiti beveren belgium doel petrol station

Remains of a petrol station

old school graffiti 3D doel belgium

Empty house

graffiti belgium doel abandoned town

Village church

graffiti house doel belgium murales beveren

Abandoned house

doel belgica grafiti pueblo abandonado

Artwork by ADT

graffiti doel village street art belgium

doel belgium beveren graffiti windmill cooling tower power station

Outskirts of Doel

A picturesque windmill stands just outside the village. It is now a bar that opens at weekends for visitors who come by car to visit this one picturesque costal resort. And there is also a 17th-century house that once belonged to painter Peter Paul Ruben’s family.

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